Meet All Of Bode Miller’s Children And Learn More About The Athlete’s Kids

Bode Miller's childrenBode Miller, the most successful male American alpine ski racer of all time is also a proud father. Image Source: Access.

Born as Samuel Bode Miller, Bode Miller is the most successful male American alpine ski racer of all time. He is a former World Cup alpine ski racer and an Olympic and World Championship gold medalist. He married Morgan Beck, an American professional beach volleyball player, and model on October 7, 2012. Together the pair is proud parents of four lovely children.

However, many of Bode’s fans might not know that he was already a father even before he exchanged vows with Morgan. In fact, he has two other children from two prior relationships. He welcomed his first child, a daughter named Neesyn Dacey Miller, in 2008 with ex-partner Chanel Johnson whereas son Samuel Bode Nathaniel “Nate” Miller-McKenna with ex-partner Sara McKenna. Well, that’s out of the way; without further ado, let’s focus on getting to know Bode Miller’s Children.

Battle For Child Custody, Bode And Sara

Bode Miller’s ex-lover Sara McKenna is a former U.S. Marine who is now a model. She is not famous for being a model but for a lawsuit that involves Bode. She claimed that Miller initially denied the baby and never visited her while she was pregnant. After it was proven that the child was Bode’s, he fought Sara for child custody. At the time being, Sara commented that she will be fighting Bode in court and will not give up her son to someone who didn’t want him to begin with.

Bode Miller's son
Bode’s ex-lover Sara sending the picture of their unborn child. Image Source: Pinterest.

Sara and Bode dated in 2012 after meeting through a high-priced matchmaking service called Kelleher. The ex-pair dated for about three months before parting ways. Shortly after they moved on, Sara realized she was pregnant just as Bode began a romance with volleyball player Morgan.

Bode Miller's son
Sara and her son, Samuel, having a lovely time. Image Source: Daily Mail.

However, Morgan suffered an unfortunate miscarriage, and after that news was out, Then Bode filed to gain custody of his son with Sara.

Bode And Sara’s Son

After a year of the feud, the ex-pair finally came to an agreement but not with their son’s name. Bode calls his son Nate while Sara likes to address him as Sam. Well, the mystery behind his long and utterly confusing name has been disclosed finally. Samuel Bode Nathaniel “Nate” Miller-McKenna’s name is a combination of his parents not agreeing on a specific name and deciding to combine those names they like.

Bode Miller's son
Bode bonding with his then 3-month old son Samuel. Image Source: Pinterest.

Moving on, the details of the agreement are confidential, but seeing pictures of Bode with his son Samuel Jr. proves that they are sharing joint custody of their son. Speaking of Bode’s relation with his son, well Bode adores spending time with his son. Multiple photos suggest Samuel Jr. shares a lovely relationship with his father and step-mother.

Bode Miller's son
Bode with his son Samuel. Image Source: Daily Mail.

Apart from that, little Samuel Jr. also shares a solid bond with his elder half-sibling Neesyn and younger half-siblings Easton Vaughn Rek Miller, and Edward Nash Skan Miller.

Bode Miller and Chanel Johnson’s Daughter

The retired ski racer is also a father to a daughter named Neesyn Dacey. Bode Miller’s daughter Dacey or Dace lives with her mother, Chanel, in Escondido. She was born on February 19, 2008. Bode never announced the birth of his daughter to the media until a year later. He finally confirmed what insiders on the ski circuit had either known or suspected that his little girl had him wrapped around her tiny finger.

Bode Miller's daughter
Bode Miller and daughter Neesyn Dacey, sharing a lovely relationship. Image Source: Daily Mail.

Bode skipped three World Cup events to take Dacey to Disneyland for her first birthday. He wrote in his blog that it’s tough being away. It’s tough to stay focused and perform well when you continually feel like you wish you were somewhere else. He also mentioned that Chanel, the baby mama of his daughter, is a good friend of his. They were already doing their own thing when they found out she was pregnant. Now they are good friends trying to be better parents.

Morgan And Bode Miller’s Children

Bode Miller and his better-half Morgan Miller are proud parents of five lovely children, Emeline Grier Miller, Easton Vaughn Rek Miller, Edward Nash Skan Miller, Asher Miller, and Aksel Miller. A fascinating fact about his twin is that both of them were born in his house.


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The happily married couple welcomed their son Edward in 2015 and daughter Emeline on November 5, 2016, followed by the birth of Easton on October 5, 2018, whereas they welcomed twins Asher and Aksel on November 8, 2019.

Bode Miller's children
Bode spending time with his family. Image Source: Pinterest.

All of his kids can be spending time with him; in fact, he adores spending time with his kids. He often uploads pictures of him enjoying his children’s company. He once posted a photo with his kids captioning, he used to wake up before dawn for ski races, his last ski race was four years ago, yet he wakes up before dawn, but the reason has changed.

Sad Departure of Daughter Emeline

Morgan and her husband experienced something no parents must ever experience. Bode Miller’s eldest daughter Emeline tragically passed away after drowning in the pool on June 10, 2018. Bode and his wife were attending a neighbor’s party when their 19-month-old daughter Emeline ended up in the pool. She was rescued from the water, but paramedics were unable to revive her, and she later died in hospital.

Bode Miller's son
Morgan, with her late daughter, Emmy. Image Source: Morgan’s Instagram.

Bode Miller shared a picture of his daughter captioning; they are beyond devastated as their baby girl, Emmy, had passed away. Never in a million years did they thought they would experience a pain like this. Her love, her light, her spirit will never be forgotten. Thousands of fans and wellwishers paid their condolences to the Miller family via Twitter.

Bode Miller's son
Bode and his late daughter Emmy. Image Source: Pinterest.

However, after the passing of his daughter, Bode found himself surrounded by controversies. As the Miller family was stumbled from the tragedy, a GoFundMe page was set up on their behalf by their well-meaning midwife, Lindsey Meehleis. In order to help the Miller family to deal with medical bills that would soon pile up and the memorial service costs.

Bode Miller's children
Bode spending time with his two kids. Image Source: Pinterest.

The program was launched to raise $40,000 at the time be and was able to raise $21,369 just in four days. However many people stood up arguing a millionaire skier like him must not have done something like that. Instead, the money would be better spent on struggling families grappling with similar tragedies.

Apart from that, Bode has started teaching his kids how to swim. He has uploaded videos of his son learning how to swim too.

Bode Miller’s Children Name Meaning

Neesyn Dacey Miller: Neesyn is one of a kind, a unique name that surely holds some sort of deep meaning to her parents. Her first name was suggested by her mother, Chanel Johnson, whereas her father suggested her middle name.

Samuel Bode Nathaniel “Nate” Miller-McKenna: Bode Miller’s son Samuel Jr. Miller-Mckenna’s name is a combination of two names Samuel and Nathaniel. His first name Samuel is of Hebrew origin, meaning God heard. As for his middle name Nathaniel, it is of Greek origin, meaning God/El has given.

Edward Nash Skan Miller: Bode named his son Edward after his late brother Nash Skan. Plus, the name Edward is of Old English origin, meaning rich guard. As for his middle name Nash, it originated from the Middle English phrase atten ash meaning at the ash tree.

Easton Vaughn Rek Miller: In an Interview with People Bode Miller said that he named his son after the city he grew up on Easton, which is in New Hampshire. Whereas his middle name Rek is Old Danish, meaning warrior.

Emeline Grier Miller: Bode Miller’s daughter Emeline Grier Miller’s name is of French origin, meaning Hardworking.

Asher Miller: Asher name is of Hebrew origin, meaning happy.

Aksel Miller: Aksel’s name is of Hebrew origin, meaning father of peace.

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