Three Popular Celebrity Themed Online Slots known in Canada 

Ever since the online slots became popular thanks to their integration of different themes and genres a few years ago, we witnessed celebrities partnering up with them. By partnering up with them and licensing their image, or music, to an endorsed online slots game, it became another source of income for these celebrities. And at the same time, they helped millions of online slots players across the world to interesting entertainment as they intend to win some fortune by spinning the reels.

In the past few years casino games in Canada are getting more and more popular each year. We’ve seen our fair share of celebrities in movies, sports, and music appear on the reels of online slots websites, and some would do a better job at than the others. Getting a celebrity in an endorsement partnership doesn’t ultimately assure that the online slots game will be well-received, but a well-developed, interesting online slots game with a celebrity endorsement is more likely to garner huge attraction from players across the world than a slot with the same theme but has no endorsement as a backbone. There are hundreds of celebrity themed online slots available to play on the internet, and we’ve helped you pick out a list of our favourite slots. So, in this article, we will be listing out a few celebrity-themed slots game out for you to check.

Marilyn Monroe Gem Splash

As one of the legendary stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood, it should come as no surprise that we can find Marilyn Monroe’s name in the popular celebrity-themed slots game. And there are more than one online slots game connected to her iconic name. The first of these Monroe’s slots were introduced back in 2012 but that now seems like an oldie among slots despite its impressive qualities.

Marilyn Monroe Gem Splash, however, was released back in 2020 by Rare stone and it gained some attractions from fans in Canada and across the world. It is known to come with an RTP of 96.47% and a stack of bonus features like a linked re-spin feature and a hold feature. Marilyn Monroe Gem Splash is a 4 row, 5 reels, 30 paylines video slot with a maximum jackpot of x100 against your stake. You get to see the stunning image of the beautiful Marilyn Monroe in the video slot and it is fun to play.

Dolly Parton Slot

Dolly Parton is a traditional name when it comes to country music anthems as she is best known for her tracks; ‘Joelene’ and ‘9 To 5’. She scored herself a theme park in her name back in 1985. While some analysed that the theme park was bound to close down as soon as Dolly’s music stopped entering the top charts, but it instead continued to grow with no signs of stopping. Dolly slot by Leander Games is one of the most popular celebrity-themed slot games known across the world. It is 5 reels, 40 paylines video slots with several bonus games as well as the popular free spins feature. It also comes with an RTP of 94.59%.

Elvis Lives

Elvis Presley is a household name when it comes to the world of music and is one of the most popular slots in and many other casinos. He is a legendary figure and he has been immortalised in several ways for his legend to keep on. WMS Gaming took a step further to develop an online slot game for the music fans back in 2019, calling it ‘Elvis Lives.

It is a 12 rows, 5 reels, and 60 paylines online video slot with many huge symbols. It comes with an RTP of 95.86% and several extra features and bonus rounds like free spins, multipliers, and prize-picker rounds. This game is quite popular among gamers in Canada, and you can even select few Elvis Presley songs to play while spinning the reels to earn a small fortune.

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