Four Simple Tips In Writing a Movie Review Essay

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With today’s remote learning, movie reviews tend to be among the most assigned tasks in academia. They not only help to develop your observational, analytical, writing, and critical thinking skills. They also allow an instructor to evaluate your progress during the academic year. A successful movie review follows the correct structure, is comprehensive, informative, and helps the readers learn more about the film. But the latter is often the gravest pitfall students encounter while working on this assignment. Read this article to learn top tips to help you compose an excellent movie review in almost no time.

Learn Movie’s Background

Imagine yourself writing a book review without reading it. What would your paper look like? Right, completely inappropriate. The same goes for writing a movie review and similar documents when you rely on somebody’s work. Of course, researching the topic might be time-consuming. It also might be a reason for turning to a cheap essay writing service, where you can get exemplary papers in a timely manner. But if you have some time and want to complete the task yourself, start with background learning.

Read the history of making the movie, the locations, the group of main and secondary actors. Check whether the movie is based on a true story. Aside from that, make sure to find some information about the film director. Finding it will help you craft an excellent document about the movie. When you feel confident in your knowledge, you will find it a lot easier to write a complete paper. Plus, you will spend less time drafting and editing your work.

Watch a Movie

Once you have background information, watch the movie. Since you will have to watch it one more time later, don’t delve into noting and analyzing the film. Feel yourself a typical viewer who wants to recharge batteries by watching a movie on Friday night. Follow the plot, observe how it develops, watch actors’ play, etc. It will enrich your knowledge of a film and help you write the paper’s first version.

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Top 5 most painful Fan Theories of all time. Image Source: Yahoo Movies.

Draft a Paper

A draft is an essential step in movie review writing. It is the backbone of your essay. It isn’t accurate, yet it helps you modify the paper and polish it to a shimmering brilliance. Since you have watched a movie and know some things, such as the title, a release year, filmmaker, lead actors, and genre, you can try drafting a paper.

Every paper has a specific structure that the writer must follow. Movie reviews are not an exception. Usually, such papers comprise an introduction, a body part, and a conclusion. When working on the introduction, ensure kicking off with an opening sentence. This hook aims to catch the audience’s attention and nudge it to read an entire essay. Opening sentences often have some quotes, anecdotes, facts, or misconceptions. A section with background information follows an opening sentence and briefly talks about the film’s history to help the readers know more about the movie.

The second and several consecutive paragraphs (depending on a word count) cast some light on the plot. They also have a movie analysis with specific examples. When the body part does its job, the conclusion comes. It does one simple task—wraps up the content. Drafting a paper may take some time. But again, it will help you remain organized and keep all the thoughts on paper. Now, having a draft doesn’t mean your movie review is ready. Since your job is to examine the film, you must be a competent movie critic and employ your knowledge to analyze the movie and write a report. Therefore, make sure to step away from your draft and dive into the film once again—this time, much deeper.

Find Unique Elements

Re-watching the movie can be a real pain in the neck. The same patterns, conversations, actors—it might be boring, indeed. But without this step, you are doomed to write a mediocre paper. So, take a notepad, and while watching, specifically look for the following attributes:

  • Direction: Every filmmaker has an impact on the movie. Such influence can manifest in specific signs. Highlight and analyze the points you liked and disliked. If you know the film director and have watched their other films, can you compare them?
  • Cinematography: Directors use various techniques to emphasize some moments. Can you capture such methods? If so, what are they? How frequently did the director use them?
  • Editing: Movies are not only plots, settings, and actors. It is a complete process that requires tons of work. Look at how scenes changed and how they were cut. Were there lots of cuts, or was the movie cohesive?
  • Writing: Look at conversations. Were they connected and meaningful? What was the entire plot? Was it stunning or hackneyed? Checking the script will tell you whether people can learn a lesson after watching a movie.
  • Aesthetic part: Check whether the movie is appealing. Did the clothing pertain to scenes? Were decorations attractive, or did they push the audience away? Try looking at every visual element.
  • Sound: When watching, pay close attention to sound. Was it distracting, or did it work perfectly? Sound is helpful to raise suspense, provide relief, or spike amusement.

These elements will help you build an excellent paper. When adding them, though, make sure to provide relevant examples from the movie to make your thought authoritative. And again, don’t be a spoiler. Remain on the surface, but be specific and accurate when providing examples.

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