Know About Sinitta’s On Again Off Again Relationship With Simon Cowell: Who Is She Dating Now?

Simon Cowell and Sinitta relationshipSimon and Sinitta. Image Credit: Alison Martin and US Embassy London.

Sinitta Malone, better known as Sinitta, is a British-American singer. She is the daughter of Canadian disco and soul singer Miquel Brown. Sinitta’s mother inspired her to pursue a career in the musical industry.

Sinitta and English businessman and media mogul Simon Cowell had an interesting on-again-off-again relationship for decades. The people are very excited to learn the current status of their relationship. So, let’s begin.

The Pair First Met in 1983

  • Simon and Sinitta met for the first time in 1983 when Sinitta was 20 years old, and Simon was 24 years old.
  • At the time, Cowell left his previous EMI job and founded Fanfare Records with Iain Burton. The lady singer was the first singer to record a song with Fanfare.
  • The pair collaborated multiple times, and Simon recorded his first popular hit song with So Macho by Sinitta in 1986.
  • Sinitta and Cowell had an amazing chemistry on The X Factor, where she assisted the latter in selecting the winners and judging contestants.
  • In their thirty-year on-again-off-again relationship, the couple generated a lot of buzz, controversy, and entertainment. The fans and media outlets followed them largely.

Simon and Sinitta Nearly Became Parents In the 1980s

After beginning a relationship in the early 1980s, the British-American singer became pregnant with Cowell’s child.

However, this turned out to be a bitter memory for the couple, as Sinitta could not go through with the pregnancy because of an undisclosed medical condition.

Simon and Sinitta
Simon and Sinitta. Image Credit: Instagram.

Therefore, Simon and Sinitta decided to terminate the pregnancy, and it affected them very deeply. But they were together in that heartbreaking moment.

Further, Simon and Sinitta adopted a small puppy to get over the pregnancy termination. It was one of the many healing processes they used to continue their daily lives.

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Jealousy: Reason for the Couple’s On Again Off Again Relationship

Simon was a young, handsome man who was always a flirt, even before making a big name in the entertainment industry. This became a massive issue in Sinitta’s jealousy.

The singer has mentioned countless times in interviews that she used to feel red seeing other women hitting on Simon. Further, the situation escalated so much that she repeatedly ended things with him to date other men.

Simon and Sinitta
Simon and Sinitta. Image Credit: Norwood (Charity).

Still, the Seattle native could not bear to be with other men and repeatedly returned to Simon. But everything has an expiry date. Simon and Sinitta’s bad day came in 1988 when they decided to split.

During this time, Sinitta began a fling with acclaimed Hollywood actor Brad Pitt. But, like always, it ended quickly, and again, she got back with Cowell.

Simon and Sinitta’s on-again-off-again relationship continued throughout their thirties and forties. This led the singer to believe that they would be together eventually.

Simon and Sinitta
Simon and Sinitta. Image Credit: Instagram.

According to Sinitta, she was convinced that Simon would eventually return to her after getting the madness of other women out of the system.

Sinitta was close to Simon’s family, and they adored her. So, it was natural for her to feel they were made for each other. But fate had something else on its hand.

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Who Is She Dating Now?

Simon and Sinitta’s on-again-off-again journey came to a halt when Cowell became a father with his fiancee Lauren Silverman‘s child in 2013. Interestingly, Lauren and Sinitta are good friends.

Simon and Sinitta
Simon and Sinitta. Image Credit: Instagram.

The Singer felt she needed to back away to not break a happy family. So, at present, it seems like the on-again, off-again story finally came to an end.

Similarly, In an interview with Closer Magazine, Sinitta disclosed that she is dating someone, but the identity of her partner remains a secret.

Further, the singer mentioned that she has been dating her current partner since April 2023 and also mentioned him as her best friend. So, finally, the epic three-decade-long love, controversy, and repeated break-ups have come to an end.

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