How Much Does Adrianna Franch Make as a Professional Soccer Player?

Adrianna Franch EarningsAdrianna Franch is an American soccer goalkeeper who currently plays for Kansas City in the National Women's Soccer League. Photo Source: Adrianna Franch's Instagram.

It is known that women soccer players are less prioritized than male soccer players. However, the narrative is changing now. On January 5, 2023, President Joe Biden signed the equal pay bill into law, making it a historic win for Women’s Equality in sports. Now, the USA women’s soccer team will receive the same pay and benefits as the men’s soccer team.

The members of the United States Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT) are ecstatic to have President Biden’s support. With this, people’s interest in women athletes’ revenue has subsequently grown. Hence, this article will focus on USWNT’s goalkeeper Adrianna Franch‘s net worth, income, and career.

From Rags To Riches

Adrianna came from very humble beginnings. Had it not been for her mother, Raqual Franch, she would not be where she is today. Adrianna lived in a Habitat for Humanity-built home in Kansas with her mother, brother, and sister. Before Adrianna’s mother discovered Habitat for Humanity, Adrianna’s childhood was spent shifting from apartment to apartment in Salina, Kansas.

Raqual wanted to give her children a chance at a better future and supported Adrianna in pursuing her passion, so she let her follow the path which eventually turned out for the best. During her time at Salina South High School, Adrianna earned All-state, All-Southwest Region, and All-League honors.

Later at Oklahoma State University, Franch played 24 matches as a goalkeeper. She is a two-time All-American & MAC Hermann Trophy semifinalist. With immaculate skills, Adrianna was already a treasured player, and in 2013, Adrianna first entered her club career through Western New York Flash. With the entry into the club, Franch started earning some money from doing what she loved.

It can be considered Adrianna’s initial step towards uplifting her family’s financial status through football. On December 10, 2015, Franch was signed by the National Women’s Soccer League Club, Portland Thorns FC. She played for the Thorns until 2021 before being traded to Kansas City in exchange for goalkeeper Abby Smith and $150,000 in allocation money. So, over the years, Adrianna Franch’s net worth must have grown significantly.

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Earnings As an International Player

With constant hard work and dedication, Franch succeeded in turning her dream of playing for the United States Women’s National Soccer team came to fruition. After years of being drafted for the game but not receiving any playing time, Franch finally played the entirety of the USWNT’s SheBelieves Cup in 2019.

Being a goalkeeper at Kansas City, Adrianna Franch’s net worth was already a notable amount. Also, with the new bill passed by president Biden, Adrianna’s salary was definitely increased significantly, aiding her financial increment.

Adrianna Franch Earnings
Adrianna Franch is earning quite a notable amount after her International Football career kicked off. Photo Source: Adrianna Franch’s Instagram.

Starting in 2023, the NWSL has raised players’ minimum salary by 60%, making it $35,000 from $22,000. The raise comes with a 4% annual increase, and players will also receive increased free housing, transportation, health benefits, and 401k matching contributions.

Even though the exact numbers have not been revealed, we can assume that Adrianna Franch’s income is a hefty sum. With the bonuses and all other benefits, Franch is living a comfortable lifestyle with her wife, Emily Boscacci, and daughter Kamari Boscacci-Franch.

Other Income Sources Adding to Adrianna Franch’s Net Worth

Like many celebrities, players, too, do not stick to one single source of salary. Adrianna Franch’s net worth is not disclosed, but we are sure she is earning a remarkable amount of money. But Franch has other sources of income as well.

Franch gets the remuneration for each of her jerseys sold. And with an increasing number of fans and admirers, many fans show support for Adrianna by wearing her jersey. Franch has two jerseys, one for USWNT and another for Kansas City. They are sold and can add to the goalkeeper’s income. Adrianna’s Kansas City jersey is sold for $160.

There are many other brand endorsements, partnerships, collabs, which can add to her income. Franch is regarded as a goalkeeper of exceptional talent, and it is obvious that the Kansas native is bound for much greater success in the coming future.

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