Justine Musk Net Worth – Did Elon Musk’s Ex-Wife Receive Any Money In Child Support?

Justine Musk's Net WorthJustine Musk has earned well as an author. Image Source: Justine Musk Twitter.

Literature is vast, and it has given birth to many talents who have proved themselves successful in the field of literature. Authors like William Shakespeare, JK Rowling, and many others have devoted their time to creating some beautiful creations and have gained a huge name and fame for themselves.

Justine Musk, born Jennifer Justine Wilson, is one of those authors whose creations have been loved by people globally. As a result, she has gained significant success as an author. Apart from the fame and worldwide recognition, how much has the talented author amassed? And what are her other earning sources?

In this article, let’s find out about Justine Musk’s net worth and earning details.

Justine Musk Net Worth And Earnings

As mentioned earlier, Justine Musk is a famous author from Canada who has written several books that have helped her gain immense fame and fortune. However, Justine has not revealed the worth of the wealth that she has amassed to her name.

Nevertheless, some online sites report that the talented author Justine Musk’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million. Similarly, other sites have suggested that she has accumulated a fortune of $2 million. Well, whatever the amount may be, it seems like Justine has earned a reasonable sum of money for herself.

So, how did she earn such a massive amount of money? What are her income sources? Let’s find out now.

Income As An Author

Justine Musk was born in Canada on the 2nd of September, 1972. She attended Queen’s University in Kingston and graduated with a degree in English literature. After that, she went to Japan and taught English as a second language (ESL) and then settled in California.

Musk, who has a degree in English literature, loved reading literary books since a young age and had always aspired to be a novelist.

Justine has claimed that she worked on her first novel while studying at Queen’s University. Later, that resulted in her first novel, BloodAngel which she published in 2005. In addition, the Roc Books Imprint of Books Imprint had published the book.

Along with BloodAngel, Musk has written several other books which the readers loved. The table below shows some of the books that she has written along with their prices.

Bloodangel $8.99
Lord of Bones (BLOODANGEL Book 2) $8.99
"Lost", in Kiss Me Deadly : 13 Tales of Paranormal Love$7.99

Although Musk has written few books, they must have been sold in thousands of copies, thus increasing Justine Musk’s net worth. Apart from the books, she has also written an essay for “Marie Clarie.”  As she is still very dedicated to her career, there’s no doubt that Justine will earn more in the coming days.

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Justine Musk And Elon Musk’s Marital Life

Besides the fame that Justine has gained from her books, she came into the spotlight as the first wife of Elon Musk. Justine met Elon for the first time in her first year at Queen’s University.

Elon and Justine then decided to take their relationship to the next level, and in January 2000, the duo tied the knot. Their relationship was going well, and they welcomed six kids together. But, according to her essay in “Marie Claire,” there were problems in their marriage, and after three failed sessions, the couple separated.

According to her, Elon had given her an ultimatum to end the marriage, and the very next day, he filed for the divorce. In September 2008, Justine revealed that she was getting divorced through a blog.

Justine Musk's Net Worth
Elon Musk and Justine Musk divorced after being married for eight years. Image Source: Social Media.

According to the marital agreement, Justine received approximately $20 million after-tax, which is half in the form of support payments and half in the form of a house. Furthermore, Elon revealed that he had offered Justine $80 million before the divorce trial, which she lost in early May. However, she declined the offer and insisted on getting ownership at his company, SpaceX and Tesla.

Moreover, in a blog post of Business Insider, Elon described how he had supported Justine financially. He wrote that the accounting and legal bills for the divorce was totaled four million dollars. In addition, he mentioned that he has paid for the nanny’s salaries and also supported Justine’s household. Furthermore, he also financed any expenses related to kids and her household expenses, including $20,000 (after tax) monthly for shoes, clothing, and other discretionary items.

Thus, Justine Musk’s net worth must have increased significantly from the divorce settlement too. Being the former wife of one of the richest men in the world must have benefitted her. Justine’s ex-husband, Elon Musk’s net worth currently is $304 billion, which has made him the richest person in the world.

Lifestyle And Assets

As mentioned earlier, Justine Musk’s fortune must be a vast sum. With an immense fortune to her name that she has amassed from her writing career, she must be living a great life. She lives a comfortable life with her five kids in the Bel Air hills.

In addition, Justine Musk must be paying a good amount in taxes too. Furthermore, she must have a good insurance policy for the cars that she owns.

Nevertheless, we hope that Justine Musk’s net worth will increase in the coming days.

Trivia And Facts

  • Justine has six kids with Elon Musk; Nevada Alexander Musk, Griffin Musk, Xavier Musk, Damian Musk, Saxon Musk, and Kai Musk. Unfortunately, their son, Alexander, died of Sudden Infants Death Syndrome (SIDS) when he was ten weeks old.
  • Justine Musk claimed she was on good terms with Talulah Riley, Elon Musk’s second wife.
  • Justine ascribes herself to the fantastic subgenre “urban fantasy.”

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