Sergi Constance Net Worth – Earning From His Fitness, Modelling, Acting And Business Careers

Sergi Constance's Net WorthSergi Constance's net worth must be a substantial amount.. Image Source: Sergi Constance Instagram.

These days bodybuilding has been a trend more than sports. Many people love this sport too, and if you are one of many, you must have heard Sergi Constance‘s name. Sergi has been featured on the cover of prestigious magazines, and it is considered of the most reputed fitness model globally.

Constance has been involved in a bodybuilding career for many years now. Fans have speculated how much he has earned. So tag along and learn more about Sergi Constance’s net worth and his earning sources.

Sergi Constance Net Worth

As mentioned earlier, Sergi has been involved in bodybuilding for many years now. He has worked as a model, coach, and in various other roles. Although the actual amount of Sergi Constance’s net worth has not been revealed, we can assume that it must be a significant sum.

So, now, let’s know how the model has amassed a notable fortune to his name. Follow along to know about Sergi Constance’s earning sources.

Earnings From His Fitness Career

Spanish fitness model Sergi Constance has gained popularity as a result of his amazing body. As an enthusiast for physical education, he joined the gym at a young age. Then, he studied Bachelor of Sports Science at the University of Valencia and graduated. At college, he got the opportunity to work as a model.

This was possible because of the hard work that Sergi had done to gain and maintain his aesthetic physique. Following his modeling career, he made a decision to take part in competitions as a bodybuilder. Sergi started competing and taking home victories not long after he joined the gym and launched a lucrative profession as a WBFF PRO Muscle Model.


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As per ZipRecruiter, the average salary of a fitness model is $49,671 annually. Likewise, bodybuilders make $52,700 a year as the average salary. Thus, Sergi Constance must have made significant earnings from his career as a fitness model and bodybuilder.

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Earnings From Business Ventures

Constance’s commitment to hard work and training allowed him to improve his physique. Apart from being a bodybuilder, he is also an entrepreneur. Constance has launched his own line of dietary supplements called NEED. During his various trips around the world, he tried numerous nutrition plans, training systems, supplementation brands, and formulations.

As a result, Sergi gained knowledge regarding what works and what does not whenever one merges the best ingredients found in each formulation, each experience, and each ingredient. Here are some of the dietary supplements available on the website, along with its price.

Need Pure Whey$2.09
Need Pure Mass Gainer$48.12
Need Te5TO S7$35.26
Need Pure ISO$72.76
Need Protein Max$61.78
Immune Complex Pack$42.76

Table Source: Need Sups Website

Sergi also owns the clothing and lifestyle company BeLegend Collection. He also provides fitness tips through the VIP Personal Coaching team. If you are up for fitness coaching, he will guide you to achieve your goal through a 100% personalized workout program.

Furthermore, talking about Sergi’s coaching plan, he also coaches people to have a similar body to him. To receive Sergi’s coaching starts, all you have to do is to go to his website, which is sergiconstancecoaching on the web, and get access to a personalized coaching plan just for you and your body type for just $199.99 per year and $16.65 per month in an annual membership plan.

Likewise, in a monthly membership plan, one has to pay $29.99 per month. Thus, from his business ventures, Sergi Constance’s net worth must have been influenced well.

Earnings From Other Ventures

Besides fitness, Sergi has appeared in a few acting projects like Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Justice League, and Summertime. He must have been paid significantly, considering his fame.

Sergi’s popularity has helped him earn endorsement and sponsorship deals with various brands. Brands like Scitec Nutrition, fatherson, and many more have partnerships with him because of his massive following and fan amount.

Sergi Constance's Net Worth
Sergi Constance also has a few acting credits. Image Source Sergi Constance Instagram.

Likewise, the bodybuilder also has a YouTube channel with 634K subscribers. With such huge subscribers, he earns $258 to $4.1K from his channel. All in all, looking at his earning sources, Sergi Constance’s net worth of notable sum seems plausible.

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Lifestyle And Assets

With a substantial fortune, Sergi Constance must be living a comfortable life. He lives blissfully with his girlfriend, Alumdena Tornero, who is also into fitness. Sergi Constance’s girlfriend often uploads photos and videos of her working own and doing yoga.

Having multiple career lines, such as modeling, acting, business entrepreneur, and bodybuilding, Sergi Constance’s net worth is considerable. We wish him all the best in the future.

Trivia And Facts

  • Sergi was born on the 25th of October in 1988.
  • Sergi has 5.6 million followers on Instagram.

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