Meet The Rising Star Elliot James Reay: Taking Over People’s Hearts With A Melodious Voice

Elliot James ReayElliot James Reay. Image Credit: Instagram.

Getting recent fame from his covers and originals, Elliot James Reay is a rising star in the world of singers and songwriters.

Being an emerging star and quite reserved, not much is known about Elliot, but in this article, we’ll tell you all you must know about the heartthrob.

Who Is Elliot James Reay?

  • The TikTok singer was born on January 31, 2002, in Manchester, England.
  • Elliot used to make stitch videos on YouTube. Sometime later, he moved towards making videos where he could interact with his followers while making cover videos.
  • The heartthrob of TikTok tok, who looks like a singer from the 70s and 80s, has also made original songs, bringing him closer to becoming a worldwide sensation.
  • Elliot has about 109k followers on Instagram and 2.5m followers on TikTok. That’s a lot of followers for a 21-year-old, but his talent for singing makes up for his age.

Singing Cover Songs Is One Of His Many Talents

Well, singing covers might seem easy; after all, it’s just singing songs that have already been sung, but not everyone can do it as gracefully as Elliot does.

Reay not only takes the lyrics and the music but also adds the soul of the singer whose song he’s singing and doesn’t just impersonate the singer.

Elliot James Reay
Elliot James Reay. Image Credit: Instagram.

We’ve seen numerous Elvis impersonators who dress like him and can’t bring the grace in.

The TikTok video of Elliot James Reay singingDevil in Disguise,” which he filmed in his bathroom while fixing his hair, brings the essence of the 50s, and the video has almost 5m likes on TikTok as of now.

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Where Does Elliot Reay Live?

Although Reay is from England, he has been living in Melbourne, Australia. He makes his famous TikTok videos in his Melbourne house. Similarly, Elvis made his famous cover in the same house.

Elliot can also be seen busking around the streets of CBD, usually on Swanson Street or near Elizabeth Street.

The British singer has also recently performed in a show in Sydney, Australia. He left his home a year ago before traveling around Asia and Europe and finally reaching Australia.

Talent Recognizes Talent

Being on one of the largest platforms to show talent, Elliot James Reay has put himself out there to be known, and the world has accepted him with open arms.

Not only does James have a large following on Instagram and TikTok, but some celebrities have also acknowledged his talent.

Elliot James Reay
Elliot James Reay. Image Credit: Instagram.

According to broadcaster Donna Demaio, Elliot possesses the most divine voice she has heard on Elvis cover. Among others who heard Elliot sing and fell in love with his voice were fashion designer Dom Bagnato and producer Valentina Jovanoska.

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Journey From TikTok to Arenas

Having talent alone won’t make you a star overnight. Being a star requires more, occasionally a little bit of luck or work from pals. Elliott left his hometown of Bury, near Manchester, to begin his tour of Asia, Europe, and Australia.

If the platform you became famous on is a social media program used by almost 2 billion people worldwide, it also requires a bit of algorithm magic.


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The magic started when Elliot James Reay and his friends moved into their Melbourne apartment. One of his buddies proposed that he start recording while doing routine housework, such as preparing coffee, washing dishes, or curling his hair.

It worked; everything fell into place, and he started his career as a rising star and instantly became recognized.

We wish this fantastic talent all the best in his upcoming journey and hope that he becomes more successful in the upcoming years.

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