Meet James Hunt’s Son Tom Hunt, 5 Facts About The Racer’s Child

James Hunt's son, Tom HuntJames Hunt's son, Tom Hunt also followed his father's love for cars.

James Hunt was a British racing driver who won the F1 World Championship in 1976. Hunt, often reckless and action-packed on track, gained a nickname, ‘Hunt the Shunt’ and retired in 1979. Upon retiring, he became a media commentator and businessman.

Besides having a glorious career as a racer, commentator, and businessman, he was also known for having wildlife as a youth. Boozing and bedding 5000 women were just another days in Hunt’s life. Amongst the wild rush, James married twice and had babies with the second wife, Sarah Lomax.

As of now, we will be talking about one of James Hunt’s two sons, Tom Hunt. Let’s go,

Born FirstTo James Hunt and His Wife, Sarah

Aforementioned, James Hunt had a crazy life claiming of bedding thousands of women, but according to his son, Tom Hunt, he was no one but a doting father.

James Hunt’s son, Tom Hunt, was born first to him and his second wife, Sarah Lomax. The pair met while Sarah was on holiday in Spain. They started dating throughout the winter after Hunt’s girlfriend at the time arrived in Britain.

They shared their vows on 17 December 1983 in Marlborough, Wiltshire. Funnily enough, Hunt was late for the service and was further delayed when his brother, Peter, went to purchase a tie for him.

Well, after welcoming their first kid, Tom Hunt, after a couple of years of conjugal, they welcomed yet another baby. Tom had a wonderful childhood and shared the majority of his time witnessing his father, James’ extra-ordinary lifestyle. 

James Hunt's son, Tom Hunt
James Hunt’s son, Tom Hunt, is the oldest son of the couple. Image Source: Tom’s Instagram.

Unfortunately, Tom Hunt’s parents divorced after six years of marriage and proceeded to find their happily ever after. And happy they were. Following their separation, James met Helen Dyson in 1989 in a restaurant and maintained a quiet relationship. Mostly because Dyson was eighteen years younger than Hunt, and she was worried about her parents’ reaction.

Likewise, James Hunt’s ex-wife, Sarah, moved on with an army man and was happy. Ironically, Tom Hunt’s father died in 1993 after proposing his girlfriend via telephone, following a heart attack while his mom lost her fight with breast cancer in 2014.

Oldest Of Three

Aforementioned, James Hunt’s marriage with his second wife ended up in a divorce after six years of marriage and two babies. The pair moved on with their respective partners and added a new member to the family.

As mentioned, James met Helen Dyson, who would make him happy, which included his clean health and his casual approach to dress. Likewise, Tom Hunt’s mother married an army and gave birth to their half brother, Charlie Jeffery.

Tom Hunt shares an exceptional bond with both his siblings. Sharing his interest in racing with his brother, Freddie, he loves to be around and spend time together. Talking about Hunt’s brother, Freddie Hunt is creating his legacy, all while following his father’s footprints.


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Moreover, Hunt’s half brother, Charlie, is young and seems to be interested in music. Well, Hunt’s brothers are enjoying their lives in their chosen path, and he is making quite a name as a racer himself.

Followed His Father’s Footsteps

Both Hunt brothers share a common interest in racing and love their father. Hunt’s brother, Freddie, is already making remarkable contributions while Tom seems determined to make his legacy as well.

There are not many details on Tom’s career as a racer, but he surely drove in a few races. Furthermore, almost the replica of the late legendary champion, James, he also handles the JamesHunts’ official merch.

Despite having very little about his career details, he must have had his glory years and pursuing his separate career.

Remembers James As A Doting Father

Unfortunately, Tom Hunt seems to be a private person and talks in a layered and calculated level. Although we did not get his career stats, he has spoken plenty of his father.

Tom was only seven when his father, James, passed away, and therefore, he could not witness the glory years of his father. But, he vividly remembers his moments spent with him, and it differs from the Hunt we know.

According to James Hunt’s son, Tom, he did not see his father racing. Therefore, watching Ron Howard’s movie based on his father was not nostalgic. But he remembers James as a doting father and not the womanizer everyone talks about.

According to Daily Mail, Tom Hunt revealed that the father he knew was different from the man the world knows. He further told that James was never happier than he was with his wife and two young sons.

The wild glory was a part of him undoubtedly, but so was his loving side that only friends and families saw. James Hunt’s son further told that he would spend hours with him and his brother Freddie.

Losing a parent is always disheartening, especially at the age when the concept of death is not clear at, but Tom and Freddie accepted it all. Even today, both Hunt brothers are trying their best to keep their father’s legacy.

Married In 2019

Moving on from James Hunt to Tom Hunt, he grew up to be a fine man full of love and ambition. Even though Tom looks like his father, he surely is a one-woman man.

Tom is married to his long time girlfriend, Aimi Hunt. The pair tied knots in July 2019 amidst friends and families. The couple looks incredibly happy and spends most of their time together.

James Hunt's son, Tom Hunt
James Hunt’s son, Tom Hunt, married the love of his life, Aimi Hunt. Image Source: Tom’s Instagram.

Tom often appreciates his wife via Instagram, along with reminiscing his deceased parents and promoting his clothing line. Although Tom is a married man, he is yet to start the next generation of Hunt.

Let’s hope to see more of James Hunt’s son and his offsprings in the future.

Name Meaning – Tom Hunt

The name Tom is a Hebrew name, which means innocence, naivety, simplicity” or “the end.”

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