5 Facts About Richard Burton’s Daughter Jessica Burton

Richard Burton's daughter Kate Burton and Jessica BurtonRichard Burton's daughter, Jessica Burton was diagnosed with severe autism. Image Source: Social Media.

Richard Burton, one of the most respected Welsh actor was very much noted for his honeyed voice. Burton managed to establish himself in the industry as he delivered a memorable performance of Hamlet in 1964. Falling off his grace because of his alcoholic behavior, Bruton won several awards, including BAFTAs. Tony Awards, Golden Globes, but never an Oscar. 

Furthermore, the late heartthrob was also renowned for his turbulent romance with Cleopatra star, Elizabeth Taylor. Regarded one of his generation’s most acclaimed actors, Robert Burton was a proud father to three kids, including Kate and Jessica. Today, we will be tailing on of Burton’s daughter, Jessica Burton, who has been secluded all her life.  

Diagnosed With Severe Autism 

There is a door that person feels the need to hide from the world, mostly for their sole escape. Likewise was Richard Burton’s case as he tried to keep his daughter, Jessica Burton, away from the social scrutiny. 

Born in 1959 to former partners, Richard Burton and Sybil Christopher, Jessica Burton was the second child. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with severe autism at a very young age and was institutionalized immediately. 

Richard Burton’s daughter, Jessica, stayed away from the media scrutiny most of her life and still is living comfortably in an institution in the United States. Furthermore, she was diagnosed at a bizarre point in the Burton family’s life as Richard left Sybil for Cleopatra star, Elizabeth Taylor

Hence, remembering the difficult times must be hard on Jessica Burton’s sister, Kate Burton, who followed her father’s footprints into the entertainment world. 

Although Burton’s family rarely mentions her in any of their interviews, she remains healthy, and everyone in the Burton family is grateful for her perseverance to fight. 

Sister, Kate Burton Feels Grateful And Saddened At The Same Time 

Aforementioned, Richard Burton’s daughter, Jessica Burton, stayed out of the public’s eager eyes, but her sister, Kate, remained and received praise for continuing her father’s legacy. 

Furthermore, Jessica Burton’s sister, Kate, is grateful for the facilities she has been receiving from the institution. However, she is sad about not having her biological sister around. Moreover, Kate believes that hadn’t Jessica been profoundly autistic, her life would have been different, and that she would share her fame with her sister. But fate had other plans and thus are playing their part. 

Similarly, Jessica’s sister, Kate, is also immensely grateful for their father, Richard’s earnings, that allowed every treatment and facility required. The Burton family is keeping Jessica away from the spotlight while focusing on her health and her recovery.

Jessica Burton’s Siblings 

Despite living away from the world, Jessica Burton managed to come into the limelight, at least via words. However, she is blessed to have half-siblings from both her parent’s side. 

As stated above, the pair parted ways and remarried. Ironically, one lasted while others moved on and adapted some life-taking habits. They welcomed children that proved their love. 

Besides Jessica Burton’s biological sister, Kate, she also shares her maternal gene with Amy Christopher. She was born to Sybil and Jordan Christopher in 1967. The 53-year-old is also away from social life, minding her own business. 

Furthermore, Burton’s father adopted Elizabeth Taylor’s daughter, Liza Todd whom she had with her ex-husband Mike Todd.

Jessica Burton’s Parents’ Romance 

Well, marriages have this weird aura of uncertainty surrounding them, or is it human. Well, humans, most possibly as they haven’t mastered their feelings and hence fluctuate at times. A similar fluctuation occurred in the Burton marriages as well. Considered one of the majestic actors of his generation, Richard Burton married four times. 

Burton’s first marriage with Sybil Christopher lasted over a decade and two daughters. Jessica Burton’s parents had a tumultuous marriage, and to note, Burton had a severe drinking problem. Despite that, they managed to keep their romance alive for their kids until he divorced Sybil to marry Elizabeth. 

Richard Burton's ex-wife Elizabeth Taylor
The timing of Elizabeth and Richard’s wedding was nothing but un-real. Image Source: Elizabeth’s Instagram.

According to Jessica’s sister, Kate, she witnessed two sets of marriages at the same time. One that was growing stronger and the one that fell apart twice. Well, Richard ended up marrying and divorcing Taylor twice. On the other hand, Sybil remained married to Kate-Jessica’s stepfather, Jordan Christopher, until he died in 1996. 

Burton’s Father Richar Burton’s Death 

Aforementioned, Jessica Burton’s father, Richard, was an alcoholic that almost took his life in the mid-70s. He almost blamed his alcoholic habits for wrecking his marriage to stunning actress, Elizabeth. 

Once known for his athletic abilities and strength, Richard Burton faced death at 58 from a brain hemorrhage on 5 August 1984. He was later buried in Céligny, Switzerland, his home. His health continued to deteriorate since 1970 when he was warned of his liver enlargement. 

Burton’s father had left nearly $350,000 each to Katherine, aka Kate Burton and Jessica Burton. Similarly, $279,000 to Maria Burton, whom he had adopted with Elizabeth Taylor. 

Jessica Burton’s mother, Sybil on the other hand lived a long life and passed away on March 7, 2013, at 83, surrounded by loved ones.

Unfortunately, Richard Burton’s daughter, Jessica Burton’s whereabouts, is kept confidential, but it’s for own well-being. Hence, let’s hope for her good health and comfortable life. 

Name Meaning – Jessica Burton

Jessica is of Hebrew origin, which means God Beholds. 

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