7 Interesting Facts About Kid Rock’s Son Robert James Ritchie Jr.

Kid Rock's son Robert James Ritchie Jr.Kid Rock is the doting father of one son, Robert James Ritchie Jr. Photo Source: Instagram.

Robert James Ritchie, aka Kid Rock, is a famous rapper, singer, and songwriter from Michigan, USA. The musician started his musical career as a DJ and rapper in the 1980s and is still very active in his career. He has garnered several awards and accolades in his professional career. Considered one of the famous and greatest singers of his time, Kid Rock has also amassed immense fame and fortune to his name.

Furthermore, the famous musician is a doting father of a son, whom he shares with his former partner, Kelley South Russell. Apart from being a talented singer, Kid Rock is a responsible dad who has carried out his duties of fatherhood exemplarily. So, you must be curious what his son does, and what his lifestyle looks like?

Thus, in this article, let’s learn seven interesting facts about Kid Rock’s son Robert James Ritchie Jr.

His Dad And Mom Met In Eighth Grade

Kid Rock’s son, Robert James Ritchie Jr., is his only child with his former partner Kelley South Russell. Ritchie Jr’s parents met in eighth grade and began their on-and-off relationship. In June 1993, Kid Rock’s then-partner Kelley gave birth to their son.

In January 2000, when Robert was seven years old, his dad and mom got involved in an ugly custody battle over him. After ten months, and in October 2000, Robert’s dad let his mom spend more time with him. Moreover, according to the documents, she also had to pay $25 weekly in child support after she was allowed to spend more time with him.

Kid Rock's son Robert James Ritchie Jr.
Robert James Ritchie Jr. is the only son of Kid Rock and his former partner Kelley South Russell. Image Source: Robert James Ritchie Jr.

Similarly, under the new agreement, Robert’s mom provided for his health insurance. Although Robert’s dad had permanent custody of his, the battle began after his mom alleged his dad had prevented her from spending summer vacation time with him.

Despite the battle, Robert James Ritchie Jr.’s parents raised him with immense love and care.

Moreover, Robert James Ritchie Jr.’s dad, Kid Rock is very unapologetic and has been embroiled in many controversies over the years. According to Kid himself, despite these issues, he is uncancellable because he doesn’t give a “F**k.” While talking to Tucker Carlson, the musician revealed that he is not involved with any labels and big corporates which makes it easy for him to go unscathed.

Attended Belmont University

Kid Rock’s son, Robert James Ritchie Jr., has already grown up. The 28-year-old boy has already completed college. After completing high school, Robert attended Belmont University in 2011. Four years later, in 2015, he graduated from the university with a degree in Bachelor of Arts – BA majoring in Music. Similarly, he also earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business with a minor in Marketing.

Robert completed his education and even worked at different places, and his dad is proud of him. In an interview with Rolling Stones, his dad, Kid Rock, exclaimed that he was happy with his son for graduating college. He stated that it was such a relief, and he could not imagine what he put his parents through. Nonetheless, we hope Robert makes his dad more proud in the coming days.

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Has Worked At Different Places

As stated above, in 2015, Kid Rock’s baby boy, Robert, graduated from Belmont University. A year later, in January 2015, Robert began working as a genius team Leader at Apple. While working there, he led a team of more than 15 Technical Repair Specialists to provide great customer service across Product, Hardware, Software, and Education. He worked there for four years, from October 2015 to November 2019.

Furthermore, while working at Apple, he began his part-time job at Jimmy John’s as a social media strategist in January 2017. There he built a Snapchat channel and content strategy. Moreover, his work generated 1M+ weekly views. Robert worked at Jimmy John’s for nine months, until September 2017.

Kid Rock's son Robert James Ritchie Jr.
Robert James Ritchie Jr. worked at several companies after graduating. Image Source: Robert James Ritchie Jr. Instagram.

In addition, since August 2021, Robert has been working as a Senior Business Manager at Lost Highway Touring. Well, Kid Rock’s son must have earned significantly from all these jobs.

Is An Aspiring Singer

Growing up with his father, Kid Rock, who is one of the greatest singers of all time, Robert certainly had exposure to music. Seeing his dad earn name and fame from his musical career, he must have developed his interest in music. As a result. Kid Rock’s kid, Robert, also followed in his footsteps and became an aspiring singer.

Going through Robert’s Instagram, we can see that he has uploaded several videos of him singing. Furthermore, he not only sings covers but also has original creations. He has released different songs, including Bad, a rowdy hip-hop jam, and the R&B ballad All Alone in January 2018 and 2017, respectively.


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Moreover, in July 2018, Robert released his first single, Exstacy, from his debut album. It is an upbeat R&B-flavored love song that features him and his girlfriend. Similarly, his dad also shared his song on Twitter. He wrote that his son released his first single off his debut album. He even said that Robert could sing, and he is proud of him.

Nonetheless, we hope Robert gains success in his musical career and becomes a well-known singer in the coming days.

Kid Rock’s Son Started His Own Clothing Line

Apart from his musical career, Kid Rock’s boy, Robert, started his own clothing line. In July 2017, he launched his own clothing brand, Skull Feather. He is the founder and CEO of Skull Feather LLC., which he had founded a month earlier, in June 2017.

As the CEO and founder of the company, Robert executes supply chain, advertising, product development, partnership, and sales functions in-house. Similarly, in November 2021, he co-founded Sky Ventures LLC.

Robert’s clothing brand has clothes and accessories for both men and women. Let’s hope his brand grows significantly, and he makes a good income.

Married To His Highschool Sweetheart

Well, we talked about Robert’s professional life. But, what about his personal life or his love life? Just like his successful professional career, his love life is also quite a success. He shares a blissful marital life with a woman named Marisa Trovato.

Kid Rock’s child, Robert, met his wife, Marisa, while they were in high school. The duo felt an instant connection and began their relationship. Little did they know their high school love story or the relationship would one day convert into marriage. After being together for several years, on April 17, 2019, he popped the question to his high school girlfriend, to which she said Yes.

Two years later, on October 2, 2021, Robert and Marisa exchanged vows. Their friends and families attended their wedding. Moreover, the married duo shared their wedding pictures on their respective social media pages. The couple immensely loves each other and does not shy away from showing their love for each other via Instagram. We hope their marriage remains the same forever.

Father Of Two

While it only has been a few months since Robert had tied the knot with his high school girlfriend, he became a father more than five years ago. On December 25, 2014, he and his girlfriend, Marisa, welcomed their daughter, Skye Noelle Ritchie.

Kid Rock's son Robert James Ritchie Jr.
Robert James Ritchie Jr. has a daughter with his wife. Image Source: Robert James Ritchie Jr. Instagram.

In August 2014, Us Weekly had reported about their pregnancy, but they had not revealed the baby mama’s name. Kid Rock’s boy, Robert, often posts several pictures of his daughter. Similarly, Marisa also shares different pictures of their child.

Furthermore, in February 2022, Robert shared the news that the couple was expecting their second child. Then, in March, he revealed the gender of the baby.  On 6 September 2022, Robert James Ritchie Jr.’s son Ryder James Ritchie arrived. He shared the news via Instagram.

Nevertheless, Robert seems to be doing great in his life, and we hope he has great days ahead.

Name Meaning: Robert James

The name Robert has an English origin, and it means Bright Fame. Similarly, the maiden name James means Supplanter, and it has a Hebrew origin.

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