7 Facts About Valerie Harper’s Daughter Cristina Cacciotti aka Cristina Harper Including Her Marital Life, Career And Net Worth

Valerie Harper's Daughter Cristina CacciottiValerie Harper's Daughter Cristina Cacciotti is a Venice-based artist. Image Source: Cristina's Facebook.

Valerie Harper, born Valerie Kathryn Harper, was an actress who made her debut from Broadway’s musical, Take Me Along, in 1959. Since then, she had worked in numerous Broadway productions. Moreover, Harper is mostly remembered for her role on The Mary Tyler Moore Show as Rhoda Morgenstern.

Sadly, we lost Valerie Harper to cancer on August 30, 2019. However, she is survived by her daughter, Cristina Cacciotti, and loving husband, Tony Cacciotti. Moreover, the Tony Award nominee also motivated her ex-husband, Richard Schaal‘s daughter, Wendy Schaal, to enter Hollywood, but that’s the story for another time. For now, here are facts about Valerie Harper’s daughter, Cristina Cacciotti.

Beware, you might lose a few brain cells calculating how someone can be beautiful, talented, and kind like Cristina.

Valerie Harper’s Adopted Daughter, Cristina Cacciotti

A woman has the innate instinct of motherhood. Actress Valerie Harper was no different as she mothered two daughters with two different partners. As mentioned earlier, she inspired Richard Schaal’s daughter, Wendy Schaal. But after their divorce, Valerie married American actor Tony Cacciotti and adopted a daughter and named her Cristina Cacciotti. She was always very close to her mother, Valerie, and appeared in several events alongside her and father, Tony.

While talking to Closer Weekly, Cristina Cacciotti recalled her mother as a jolly person. She further added that her mother would listen to Little Richard and the Beach Boys as she cleaned the house. Of course, Cristina helped her mother and thus recalled moments when they’d be dancing more than working.

Giving birth to a child is divine. The feeling of motherhood at the moment is profound. However, mother-daughter bonds like Valerie and Cristina Cacciotti’s prove no blood-relation differentiate the depth of a relationship.

Moreover, Cristina seems very friendly and thus maintains a good relationship with her half-brother, Michael Cacciotti, Tony Cacciotti’s son from his previous marriage.

Well, as of now, late actress Valerie Harper’s daughter, Cristina Cacciotti, has grown up to become a beautiful woman and a talented actress.

Talented Artist Based In Venice

Aforementioned, Valerie Harper’s baby girl, Cristina Cacciotti, is an artist. Moreover, besides the tight knot she has with her parents, Cristina also shares equal affection for the arts. Furthermore, she has an Instagram entirely dedicated to her work and seems passionate about her job.

Another day, another piece #caccmeart #goldenpaints #acrylicpainting #artist #art #painting #painter

Posted by Cristina Harper Cacciotti on Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Moreover, Valerie Harper’s daughter, Cristina Harper, described herself as an actor, writer, dog lover on Twitter. Furthermore, she also hosts #horrormovieswithtwitterfriends. While going through Cacciotti’s Instagram page solely dedicated to her work, she proudly demonstrates her results.

The Venice-based artist Cristina works in mixed media art and creates abstracts to tackle macabre portrayals of life and death, the mind’s inner workings, and lucid dreams. Furthermore, she also does commission works and sells them on Etsy.

Played Small Roles In Films

Besides having a separate career as an accomplished artist, Cristina initially followed in her mother’s footsteps. According to Cristina Cacciotti’s IMDb, she has two credits for movies.

Moreover, Valerie’s beautiful daughter played small roles in the Zoochosis Presents: Hooey and appeared on two episodes of That 70’s Show. Likewise, she also showed up on The Talk in 2010.

But Cristina’s absence clarifies that her passion resides in artistry, and she prefers to swing brushes than dialogues. Therefore, let’s hope we will see more of her works in the coming days.

Besides painting and acting, Cristina also works as the development specialist at Discovery Studios. Thus, Cristina Cacciotti’s net worth must be significant.

Lost Her Mother To Cancer In 2019

If death were to be defined in a word, it would be liberation. However, the ones who remain shall choose to suffer or rejoice in their memories. Valerie Harper’s daughter, Cristina Cacciotti, chose the latter; she treasures her late mother’s memories, who died of cancer in 2019 at age 80.

Despite being adopted at a young age, Valerie raised Cristina to become an independent and strongly opinionated person. They had the most beautiful bond and proved that one does not have to birth their babies to love them unconditionally. Sadly, Cristina lost her mother, Valerie Harper, to cancer on August 30, 2019.

Moreover, the Shiver actress Valerie was first diagnosed with lung cancer in 2009, and by March of 2013, leptomeningeal carcinomatosis was confirmed. For those scratching heads, leptomeningeal carcinomatosis is a rare condition where cancer cells spread in the membranes surrounding the brain, i.e., meninges.

Valerie Harper was fighting cancer bravely, but she was hospitalized in 2015 after falling unconscious and was discharged later. She also appeared in a short film, My Mom and the Girl, while going through Cedars-Sinai Medical Center treatment.

Fighting with cancer by taking experimental cancer-fighting drugs, Cristina Cacciotti’s mother survived beyond her doctor’s prognosis. However, her health deteriorated in 2019, and Valerie died in August 2019, aged 80.

Bereaved by Harper’s death, Cristina announced the tragic event via Twitter.

Valerie’s Daughter Recalled Her Mother’s Final Days Vividly

Aforementioned, Valerie Harper’s death was a significant loss to the entire entertainment world. Therefore, Valerie Harper’s daughter, Cristina Cacciotti, recalled her final moment with Closer Weekly. She remembers the struggle to say goodbye and her heartbroken father’s dilemma to keep his wife at home.

Moreover, Cristina revealed that it was difficult for her father, Tony, to accept death as Valerie was the center of his world. She last saw her mother in late February 2019. Cacciotti vividly remembers her mom trying to communicate, but it was hard. She further recalled their friendship and how Valerie was the most cheerful person.

However, actress Valerie was, in fact, a loving partner and did not want her husband to suffer alone. Thus, Cristina remembers her mother joking about finding some old lady at the gym. Unfortunately, Valerie faced death fearlessly and believed that ‘when you pass on, you only go elsewhere.’

Well, the Cacciotti family suffered and continues to mourn their loss even today.

Cristina Cacciotti’s Parents Were Married For Four Decades

Venice-based artist Cristina Cacciotti’s parents, Valerie Harper and Tony Cacciotti are among the few couples who kept their vows ‘only death do us apart.’ Otherwise, they were blissfully married for over four decades, from 8 April 1987 to 30 August 2019.

Unfortunately, there is very little information on where and how the pair met. However, close friends and families knew about Valerie and Tony’s love. Thus, on a fine day of April 8, 1987, the pair exchanged vows amidst friends and families.

Moreover, the former couple adopted their only child, Cristina, after a few years into marriage, and that perhaps was the best thing to ever happen to the couple. Even after Valerie was hospitalized, she could not move or talk to her then-husband, and Tony also endured and cared for her.

Valerie Harper's Daughter Cristina Cacciotti
Valerie Harper’s Daughter Cristina Cacciotti was adopted after a few years into marriage. Image Source: Cristina’s Facebook.

Moreover, Cristina recalls her father to be the most heartbroken one because Valerie surrounded his entire world. Thus, he took time off social media and every other distraction to care for his beloved. Unfortunately, she left the world in 2019 in his arms.

Although Valerie Harper is not with us, she left her gem daughter, Cristina Cacciotti, who has been doing great with her arts.

Is Cristina Cacciotti Dating Anyone?

The Venice-based artist Cristina Cacciotti is a very private person who prefers to keep her personal life away from the media approach. While she witnessed her parents’ evergreen love and blissful marital life of almost four decades, she still prefers to be silent about her own relationship.

Thus, it’s either Cristina Cacciotti’s boyfriend/husband is a huge mystery for the world, or she is still waiting for her perfect match. Either way, she is doing great for herself both professionally and personally. Therefore, all we can do is wait for her to announce her marriage someday. Until then, let’s look forward to more of her works in the future.

Name Meaning Cristina

The name Cristina means Christ Bearer and has Spanish origin.

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