Meet Adeya Nomi – Photos of Kehlani’s Daughter With Partner and Baby Father Javie Young-White

Adeya Nomi is Kehlani's daughter

Born on March 23, 2019, the adorable Adeya Nomi is Kehlani‘s daughter with their partner and baby father, Javie Young-White. Adeya is Kehlani’s first and only child. Kehlani was full of joys having to add a new and cutest member in the family.

Adeya Nomi’s mum, Kehlani, is world-widely known to be one of the professional American singers. Similarly, her dad Javie is a guitarist as well as a model. Adeya is extremely fortunate to have such wonderful parents. Kehlani loves to be around their daughter and play with her all the time.

Kehlani Gave Birth To Adeya In An “Unmedicated Homebirth”

The gorgeous Kehlani revealed that they had their baby in an “unmedicated homebirth,” which means they gave birth using conventional measures. Similarly, they also admitted saying it being “the absolute hardest yet most powerful thing I’ve ever done.”

Kehlani's daughter, Adeya Nomi
Kehlani gave birth to To Adeya In An “Unmedicated Homebirth.” Image Sources: Daily Mail.

They certainly had tears of joy after they gave birth to a small baby that came within themselves. Perhaps Kehlani wanted their first pregnancy to be more special and very different from normal ones. Kehlani also shared the happy news on their Instagram.

You might have forgotten about Kehlani’s baby father, Javie but he might also have made huge efforts for homebirth. Similarly, Javie also seems to be a key person in Kehlani’s pregnancy and baby delivery.


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But it surely is a very inspiring moment for Kehlani to have great guts to “unmedicated homebirth.”

Adeya Nomi’s Parents Are Not Married Yet

Kehlani and their partner, Javie, are not married yet. It looks as though the pair are intending to surprise everyone with a blast in the upcoming days. We are not sure but as of assuming they might be taking time before tieing their knot.

Kehlani's partner is Javie Young-White
Kehlani and their partner, Javie Young-White, are not married yet. Image Sources: The New Music Buzz

It looks like Kehlani wants to focus on their rising career than settling into marriage. The singer may have plans to achieve greatness in her journey of life. On the same hand, their partner, Javie Young-White, might also have a scheme to build a prosperous life for Kehlani and adorable Adeya.

Adeya Nomi – Name Meaning

The name Adeya came from the Nigerian origin, and it refers to “A Gift from God has Come.”

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