Barnaby Borstein Douglas And Henrietta Borstein Douglas – More About Alex Borstein And Jackson Douglas’ Children

Alex Borstein's ChildrenAlex Borstein and her ex-husband Jackson Douglas had two kids together. Image Source: Alex Borstein Instagram.

If you believe in love and marriage, you must believe in divorce. Our life can’t always be a bed of roses, which an American actress Alex Borstein knows well. Her marriage with Jackson Douglas was nothing but success. The ex-pair was married for eighteen years and had lovely babies before they called it quits.

Both Alex and Jackson are prominent figures in the American entertainment industry. While Borstein is an actress, comedian, writer, and producer, Douglas is an actor and producer. After their separation, where are their kids now? Let’s get to know Alex Borstein and Jackson Douglas’ children in this short article.

The Borstein-Douglas Siblings’ Parents Divorced When They Were Young

Alex and her ex-spouse walked down the aisle back in 1999. After fifteen years of marriage, Jackson filed for divorce in October 2014, which was finalized in November 2017. At that time, their son, Barnaby Borstein Douglas, was nine, and their daughter, Henrietta Borstein Douglas, was five.

The Borstein-Douglas siblings’ parents went through a drama-free divorce. As per People magazine, they shared all residuals and royalties (for work) completed during their marriage because they didn’t have a prenuptial agreement. The ex-pair also equally split multiple bank accounts with a balance that totaled $5.2 million.

Furthermore, Henrietta and Barnaby’s dad and mom co-owned the remaining three accounts, one of which went to them. According to the documents, neither party paid any other spousal or child support fee.

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Alex Borstein’s Daughter Is Hemophiliac

Henrietta Borstein Douglas has mild hemophilia. It is an inherited medical condition where blood loses the ability to clot and causes the sufferer to bleed severely, even from a minor injury. The actress herself is the carrier of the disease. Alex Borstein’s brother and uncle also have hemophilia A.

Alex Borstein and Jackson Douglas' Children
Alex Borstein and Jackson Douglas’ daughter has mild hemophilia. Image Source: Jackson Douglas Twitter.

Having experienced the devastating disorder, Henrietta’s mom, who is also a spokesperson for NHF, has dedicated herself to the support of the community with the disease. In an interview, the famous Family Guy star said it was not her choice but her responsibility to support people suffering from Von Willebrand Disease (VWD).

Furthermore, Borstein added about her desire to encourage others to advocate for themselves, their loved ones, and their families. She also asked people to ask their doctor to be tested and speak up, if they had a bleeding disorder.

The Brother-Sister Had Productive Pandemic

Alex Borstein’s children spent the pandemic together with her, and it was quite a productive time. While giving advice to other parents amid the pandemic, the skilled actress said there were no right and wrong things, no such thing as too much screen time and dessert. As a result, the mom and her kids spent a lot of time watching different movies, doing puzzles, and walking the dog.

The family of three even went on numerous road trips up the coast. Barnaby and Henrietta’s mother shared many photos and video clips of their fun moments, such as rollerskating, skiing, and spending time with grandpa. Likewise, they might also have spent time with their dad.


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Alex Borstein’s son was busy taking his hip-hop class. Not only that, but the young guy did a sketch comedy summer camp online. On the other hand, Henrietta took an online violin class. All in all, the actress’s kids seem to have a productive pandemic.

Alex Borstein’s Children Are Creative

Being kids of entertainment personalities, many might think they will follow in their parents’ footsteps. Well, in the case of Alex, she hopes her babies don’t go into a career in front of a camera. Instead, she wants her son and daughter to enter some kind of profession that have a clearer map.

But she also admitted that both Henrietta and Barnaby are creative and will probably pursue their career in front of the camera. The eldest Borstein Douglas is more into dancing and music. Her daughter is also interested in music and movies. Well, only time will tell what will Alex Borstein’s children do in the future.

Nevertheless, Alex Borstein and Jackson Douglas’ kids are growing up surrounded by their love and care. Hopefully, they are spending time with both of their parents and having a wonderful time. We wish the Borstein-Douglas brother and sister happy and successful lives ahead.

Name Meaning

An Old English name Barnaby means son of consolation. Likewise, the German name Henrietta means Power and ruler.

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