Meet Alexis Danson – Photos Of Ted Danson’s Daughter With Ex-Wife Casey Coates

Ted Danson's daughter Alexis DansonAlexis Danson is the daughter of famous actor Ted Danson and his ex-partner Casey Coates. Image Source: Getty Images.

Ted Danson‘s daughter Alexis Danson was born in 1985. Besides Alexis, Ted also has another daughter name, Kate Danson. Both the sisters share quite a lovely bond.

Talking about her family, her father is an actor best known for his role in the Tv series Cheers. As for her sister Kate Danson she is also an actress. Despite being the daughter of such a well-known face she lives a low key life. So, let’s get to know more about Ted’s little girl Alexis.

Adopted Daughter Alexis

Ted Danson’s daughter Alexis Danson was adopted by him and his ex-wife Casey Coates in the year 1985. But after the divorce between Ted and his ex-partner, the news was that Alexis’s custody was given to her mom Casey. Since then she has not been spotted in any ceremonies nor movies premiere with her dad Ted. She was last spotted with her dad during the late ’90s.

Alexis Danson's father Ted Danson
Ted Danson and his adopted daughter share quite a father-daughter chemistry. Image Source: Getty Images.

Despite not appearing with her dad in the public we can say for sure their relationship is better than ever. Nonetheless, she was seen multiple times with her lovely parents and elder sister when she was just an infant. Their older photos show how much of a good father-daughter relation they share.

However, her youth pictures have not made their way to the internet but we are sure she looks gorgeous now than ever. She lives with her mom far away from the spotlight and from the media’s attention.

Disappeared From Limelight

Ted Danson’s daughter Alexis Danson has not been seen after he and his ex-wife separated in 1993. The talented actor moved on and got married to Mary Steenburgen, who is also an actress. Ted married Mary on October 7, 1995, and became the step-father of Lilly and Charlie. Nonetheless, his second marriage didn’t affect the father-daughter relationship.

Casey Coates's daughter Alexis Danson
Alexis and her father Ted were last spotted together during the late ’90s. Image Source: Getty Images.

Alexis Danson is not quite active in social media platforms. In fact, she neither has an Instagram account nor a Facebook account. We can say that she is a woman of privacy and doesn’t want the media’s attention. Nevertheless, we can presume that Alexis must be close to her father.

Alexis’ Biological Mother, An Ex-Con

Alexis Danson’s biological mother’s name is Kelly Topel. Topel’s ex-husband explained that she was devastated when she gave up Alexis to Ted. Furthermore, Topel was also held in mental health facilities for treatment on four different occasions between 2010 and 2015. She has also been busted for narcotics possession, prostitution, assault and burglary. Kelly Topel’s second husband Mark Payne had also filed multiple domestic violence charges against her in 2015.

Besides that, in an interview, Alexis’s biological mother Topel revealed that she was heartbroken in 1984 when she reached out to many couples for adopting her little girl. Finally one morning her friend gave her a call saying that there is someone willing to adopt her daughter. It was none other than Ted. The actor had paid Topel $7,000 for expenses and took the baby home. It tore her apart, but they seemed to be good people, recalls Topel.

Alexis Danson's net worth
Alexis Danson grew up with her mother Casey Coates. Image Source: Getty Images.

But in 2000, Alexis’ biological mother claimed that the letters she wrote to her daughter never reached her. She went on explaining that despite Ted saying how family oriented he was, she knew he was in a boat that was destined to sink. However, Topel’s effort went nowhere as Ted and his ex-beau went on co-parenting Alexis to adulthood.

Alexis Danson Name Meaning

Alexis Danson is a name derived from Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches meaning Helper, Defender.

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