Meet All Of Anel Lopez’s Children With Husband Christopher Gorham

Anel Lopez's Children, Alondra Cecilia Gorham, Ethan Gorham and Lucas GorhamAnel Lopez is a mother of three children named Alondra Cecilia Gorham, Ethan Gorham and Lucas Gorham. Image Source: KUTV.

American actress, Anel Lopez, born on the 10th of March 1975, is a proud mother of three kids. Anel Lopez’s children include two sons named Ethan Gorham and Lucas Gorham; and a daughter Alondra Cecilia Gorham. She had her three offsprings together with her husband Christopher Gorham.

The lovely couple of Anel and Christopher tied the wedding knot in the year 2000 and the two are together ever since. Now let us glance at the profile of each child and know about them more in detail.

Lucas Gorham Is The Eldest Child Of Christopher

Lucas Gorham, born in the year 2001, is the eldest child of his parents, Christopher and Anel together. His father is best known for appearing in the hit and popular series including Ugly Betty, Popular, Felicity, Odyssey 5, Jake 2.0, and many more. Moreover, Lucas along with his parents and siblings has appeared on NOH8 photo back in 2010.

Anel Lopez's son Lucas Gorham
Anel Lopez along with her husband Christopher Gorham and children had appeared on NOH8 photo back in 2010. Image Source: Gregin Hollywood.

Christopher and his wife Anel has not much-revealed information regarding their children. However, occasionally both of them share their son’s pictures on their Instagram handle.

Ethan Is Born In The Family Of Actors

Christopher Gorham’s son Ethan Gorham was born in the year 2003. No doubt he is born in a family full of actors. His father and mother are both actors who met on their first television show Popular and fell in love. Moreover, he is the grandson of David Gorham who was a certified public accountant; and Cathryn Gorham who was a school nurse.


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The 16-years-old son of Christopher is probably in high school. However, details regarding his schooling have not been revealed yet.

Alondra Cecilia Gorham Was Born in 2009

Anel Lopez’s daughter Alondra Cecilia Gorham was born on the 1st of October 2009. She is the youngest member of her family. Being the youngest brings the privilege to be in the center of attention of the family all the time. Moreover, in an interview once, Alondra’s father told,

“My wife, Anel, is beautiful and talented and smart and brilliant, She likes doing projects, but often makes sacrifices to take care of their three children.”

The cute and adorable family of five seems to have a very strong bond together. All of them are extremely close to each other and are there in their thick and thin.

Christopher Gorham's children, Alondra Cecilia Gorham, Ethan Gorham and Lucas Gorham
Not always but most of the time, Christopher Gorham shares his children’s pictures on his Instagram handle. Image Source: Instagram/Christopher Gorham.

Who knows, Anel Lopez’s children might follow in their parent’s footsteps in the days to come. As for now, they all are enjoying their school life.

Name Meaning: Anel Lopez’s Children

Ethan Gorham: Ethan is a masculine name of Hebrew origin providing the meaning of “firm, enduring, strong, and long-lived.

Lucas Gorham: Lucas is a male name of Latin English, French, and Dutch origin meaning “man from Lucania.

Alondra Cecilia Gorham: Alondra is a universal name of Spanish origin meaning “defender of mankind.

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