Meet August Luce Nuñez – Photos Of Oscar Nunez And Ursula Whittaker’s Daughter

Oscar Nunez's daughter August Luce NuñezOscar is a proud father of his daughter August. Image Source: Social Media.

Cuban-American actor and comedian Oscar Nuñez is best known for his role as Dunder Mifflin accountant Oscar Martinez on NBC’s The Office and State Farm’s commercials. Furthermore, he was also a member of The Groundlings and later became a regular cast member on The Office. Oscar’s career has definitely been great, given the success he has received so far.

While Oscar’s on-screen life has been pretty great due to the roles he bagged, but what about his personal life? Well, Nunez is married to his wife Ursula Whittaker since 2011 and has a daughter named August Luce Nuñez. August has been getting all the nourishment from her two parents to grow up like a champ. So, let’s see how Oscar Nuñez’s daughter August is growing up.

Born To Oscar Nuñez And Ursula Whittaker

August Luce Nuñez was born on October 4, 2012, to Oscar and his wife, Ursula Whitaker. The couple welcomed their first child in Los Angeles in a healthy condition. The couple was overwhelmed and thrilled while becoming parents for the first time. Oscar Nunez’s daughter August recently turned eight and is on her way to have a blast of a childhood. Both Oscar and Ursula are making sure the kid receives all the care she needs.

Oscar Nunez's daughter August Luce Nuñez
August was born after a year of the couple’s marriage. Image Source: Instagram/oscarnunezla.

Even with the tight schedule, The office star and his wife have managed to give a lot of time to the child. Ursula being an actress herself, understands how difficult it gets to balance things. The couple has been each other’s best support throughout these years and will definitely continue to be so. As Ursula Whittaker’s daughter August comes of age, they want her to be fully capable of handling herself.

As August is just eight years old, there is no guarantee of what she would want to do in the future. We can definitely speculate her to follow in her parent’s footsteps, but we can not really say anything for certain.

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Oscar And Ursula Have Managed To Keep Their Daughter Away From The Public Eye

While most celebrities nowadays are busy creating a social media account for their toddlers, Oscar and Ursula have taken a very different approach from it. The couple is extremely secretive about their personal life. Only Oscar has a social media profile out of the two, which is also very passive. However, August did use to accompany her parents in public in the past which has also pretty much stopped now.

Oscar and Ursula’s extreme secrecy may be to avoid their daughter from unwanted social media attention and many more. It is probably the best for Oscar Nunez’s daughter August’s growth too. The fact that this couple has been able to avoid the paparazzi while being as popular as them is quite commendable. As things look currently, we will probably not see Ursula Whittaker’s daughter August making an appearance in public for quite some time. Till then, let’s hold our horses and wait patiently.

Name Meaning: August Luce Nuñez

August is a name developed from the Latin Augustus, which is derived from the Latin word ‘Augere,’ meaning ‘to increase.’ Luce is a name taken from the Norman language and has the meaning ‘light.’

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