Meet August Tripplehorn Orser – Photos Of Leland Orser’s Son With Wife Jeanne Tripplehorn

Leland Orser and his family

Leland Jones Orser is an American actor. His son, August Tripplehorn Orser was born on May 23, 2002. He is the first child of Leland Orser and the actress, Jeanne Tripplehorn Orser.

The couple got married in 2000. After two years, they welcomed a son. Unlike others, August is not active in social media. He seems to be not interested in getting public attention.

Jeanne Takes Her Son August Orser Out With Her

Leland Jones and Jeanne Tripplehorn are a famous actor and an actress into Hollywood. Despite their popularity, Leland Orser’s son August Orser doesn’t seem to share his pictures to his fans on Instagram and Twitter. Nevertheless, August and his mother, Jeanne is spotted in Hollywood leaving a market. It seems August likes to go out with his mother for shopping.

Jeanne Tripplehorn and her son
August Tripplehorn and his mother Jeanne in Hollywood from Market. Image Source-Alamy

On Happy Mother’s day, Jeanne Tripplehorn had shared a picture of her son on her Instagram, back when August was small. Both looked cherished. Since August is the only child of the couple, it is evident that he is loved dearly.

Jeanne has posted a picture of August and Leland Orser on her Instagram. Both father-son duos seem to be in a good relationship. The actor seems to make his best attempt to fulfill his fatherhood.


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August Appeared In Exhibition Preview: ‘Cindy Sherman: Imitation of Life’

Many famous parents of Hollywood have treated their children rather excellently, like a house on fire. But on the other hand, there also lots of celebrities who have been keeping their kids to normal life, and this is where this couple is known for. It seems both actors have been conscious of child development age.

Even though August is socially inactive, he made his appearance in the day of Exhibition Preview that was held on 8 June 2016. His both parent had joined him. He looked adorable, didn’t he?

Jeanne Tripplehorn and her son
Jeanne Tripplehorn and her son August Tripplehorn at Exhibition Preview. Image Source-Shutterstock

Leland Orser’s son August whereabouts is rarely found in social media. However, it is pretty much sure August attends school, and he must have lots of friends to play with.

August Tripplehorn Orser: Name Meaning

August is both name and surname from the Latin word, “Augustus”. It means “to increase”. The Tripplehorn family was first found in the USA in 1920. It was historically sorted out to name the group people by occupation, origin.

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