Who Knew That The Retired Baseball Player Mike Shannon Had A Wife and Is A Father Of Six Children

Former Baseball player, Mike Shannon

Thomas Mike Shannon is blessed with six children; three sons and three daughters. They are Erin McGowan, Timothy Shannon, Daniel Shannon, Patricia Shannon VanMatre, Peg Shannon Caldwell, and Michael Shannon.

Mike is a former American professional baseball player who played as an infielder as well as an outfielder. Shannon spent his entire Major League Baseball career playing for St. Louis Cardinals.

Mike and his wife, Judy Shannon were married for over 48 years. Sadly, Mike Shannon’s wife Judy died on July 28, 2007. She had been fighting brain cancer for over a year but it seems that she could not defeat it. Mike said, “The loss is as serious and sad as anything I can imagine.” Perhaps he had to go through severe pain.

But as time went by, he might have moved on too. It seems as though Mike is both, father and a mother to his six children. He has not married any woman and maybe does not want to share the love with anyone but his wife.

Mike Shannon And His Kids Are Living A Low-Key Life

The retired baseball player is not very active in his social media accounts. Mike Shannon does not seem to be active in social media. Possibly, he does not want his children to be friendly with the limelight. At present, four of his children might have settled their lives with their loved ones whereas Michael and Timothy are still in their childhood days.

Mike Shannon is a former baseball player
As Mike Shannon steps his final stage of life, he has not appeared in the spotlight. Image Source: Youtube

After Judy Shannon’s death, Mike might have been taking care of his two sons. As mentioned above, Mike has not married any woman. Hence, he may be looking after his children all by himself after Judy’s demise. Similarly, it seems that he became more responsible for his children. We don’t know but Mike seems to have mastered the qualities of a mother too.

On the other hand, the retired baseball player Mike Shannon seems to be keeping a low-profile these days. Even though he is a Cardinals radio broadcaster, he does not show up often in the media. We assume that he is living a normal life and maybe visits his children and their family time-to-time. He surely has done a great job to get his kids very distant from the spotlight.

Mike Shannon has six children
The retired baseball player Mike Shannon and his kids are seemingly keeping a low-profile. Image Source: St. Louis Magazine

Also, Mike might be enjoying wonderful daddy times with his two sons, Michael and Timothy. Hence, he seems to give a whole lot of love to his kids as a mother does. Mike Shannon and his kids may be living a wonderful life with each other most of the time.

Mike Shannon Retired As A Broadcaster

Mike Shannon is undoubtedly loyal to the fault, which can be seen through his dedication towards his family as well as his job. Having played for the St. Louis Cardinals for all of his professional career and also worked as a radio broadcaster for the team for almost 50 years.

Shannon started working as a broadcaster in 1972 and took the mic for the last time in 2021. For his service, Mike was inducted into the Cardinals Hall of Fame in 2014.

After spending much of his life with the St. Louis Cardinals, Mike has become an integral part of the club. So, it is no surprise that the team and their fans are sad about him retiring.

Name Meaning

Patricia Shannon VanMatre – Patricia is a female name that came from the Latin word ‘patrician’ meaning ‘noble’.

Peg Shannon Caldwell – The name Peg is of Greek origin with meaning ‘pearl’.

Timothy Shannon – Timothy is an English form of the Greek name ‘Timotheos’ and it means ‘honoring god’.

Michael Shannon – The name Michael is derived from the Hebrew name ‘Mikha’el’ meaning ‘who is like God?’

Daniel Shannon – Daniel is a masculine name and surname of the Hebrew origin. It refers to ‘God is my judge’.

Erin McGowan – Erin is a Gaelic name and its meaning is ‘Ireland’.

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