Meet Bebelle Harcott – Photos Of Genevieve Gorder’s Daughter

Genevieve Gorder's daughter Bebelle HarcottBebelle Harcott is the daughter of famous interior designer Genevieve Gorder and her ex-partner Tyler Harcott. Image Source: Getty Images.

Genevieve Gorder is an American Tv host as well as an interior designer. She was previously married to Tyler Harcott back on August 4, 2006, and had a baby girl named Bebelle Harcott. However, their marriage did not last long and in 2013 they separated. Later on, she got married to Christian Dunbar on 22 September 2018. Genevieve’s husband Christian is also an interior designer just like her.

Genevieve Gorder’s daughter Bebelle Harcott was born on 24 January 2008. She is really cute and lovely just like her mother. In fact, she is a mini version of her mother. Both the mother-daughter duo rocks the floor when they are together. Little Bebelle’s mother keeps us up to date regarding her daughter’s whereabouts. So, let’s get to know more about Genevieve’s rocking daughter Bebelle.

Like Mother Like Daughter

Genevieve Gorder’s daughter Bebelle Harcott is just like her mother, adventurous and fun-loving. Both are really interested in decoration and they love decorating the house together. In fact, Genevieve has uploaded a video of her daughter painting the wall of their house with a heartwarming caption, passing the torch. Nonetheless, she has started learning the ways of designing from the Young Designers Academy.


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Furthermore, little Bebelle loves spending time with her mother. Both can be seen copying each other, acting and having lots of fun. We can just say they enjoy each other’s company. The pictures Genevieve shared of her daughter shows her motherly love towards her daughter.

Children are so real that they have faith, hope, and the most important thing, they believe in what adults are afraid to accept. Genevieve’s daughter writing letter to Santa is so adorable and it shows how pure children are. She is really lovely, no wonder her mother loves her so deeply.

Genevieve Gorder's daughter Bebelle Harcott
Bebelle loves having fun and enjoying her time with friends and family. Image Source: Genevieve’s Instagram.

Plus, she is a real sweetheart, she loves spending time with her grandparents and her cousins. She really takes good care of her little cousin and sometime the little angel can turn evil, especially when she is around her friends. She and her friends love messing things around and sometimes they annoy mama Genevieve. But, for most of the time, she is gentle.

Father-Daughter Duo

Genevieve Gorder’s daughter Bebelle Harcott holds a special place in her step-father Christian Dunbar’s heart. They spend time together reading books, click pictures making funny faces and mainly going on a family vacation with mama Genevieve. Christian also pointed out that he loves spending time with his gorgeous step-daughter. He says one of the true joys of life is being a stepdad, while it’s not always roses, the impact of some beautiful moments lasts forever.

Christian Dunbar's step-daughter Bebelle Harcott
Bebelle spending time with her lovely step-dad. Image Source: Genevieve’s Instagram.

Moreover, Genevieve likes to call the father-daughter duo best of friends. They hangout, they chill and sometimes they argue but that’s how they are. They are like BFFs, one incomplete without another. Well, Christain is a great step-father, he has patience, steadiness, and is calm. In fact, Genevieve thanked her husband with a picture of him and her daughter pointing out that he added support and ritual to their spontaneous and playful life. Plus most importantly he brought plenty of love for her and her daughter.

Bebelle Harcott Name Meaning

Genevieve Gorder’s daughter Bebelle Harcott’s name is of French origin meaning Thanks.

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