Meet Blake Spiteri – Photos of Jenny Frost’s Daughter With Husband Vicente Juan Spiteri

Jennu/y Frost's daughter Blake Spiteri

The former English singer and television presenter, Jenny Frost’s daughter, Blake Spiteri was born on 20 January 2013 as a twin sister of Nico Spiteri. Besides that, the young Blake is the younger sister of 11 years old half-brother, Caspar J Thrupp.

The stunning model and proud parent of three adorable children, Jenny Frost walked down the aisle with her now-husband Vicente Juan Spiteri in August 2011. The Loose Women actress has an adorable young son, Caspar, from her former fiancé, DJ Dominic Thrupp.

Adorable Twin Sisters; Blake and Nico

Mother Jenny reveals her delight after giving birth to twin daughters Nico and Blake. The 40 years old singer shared a picture of her baby girls’ tiny feet on her social media admitting how she could not get over how “tiny and perfect” they were. The former Atomic Kitten singer was expecting her babies to arrive in February. However, the kids and mother are healthy and happy following the premature arrival of Blake and Nico.

The proud father, Vicente, was more than excited and overjoyed to be a father for the first time. Moreover, Spiteri loved Jenny’s new lumps and bumps and was very happy with her extra pounds. Vinnie’s enthusiasm with Jenny’s new figure helped her feel more secure and was a confidence boost.


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The twin sibling shares a strong and intimate relationship and the bond between the girls is admirable. Blake loves her doll-like sister and has a mutual love for dressing up like her sister. The beautiful family currently resides blissfully in a luxury home in sun-kissed Ibiza.

Half Brother Caspar J. Thrupp

Jenny Frost’s children
The adorable Blake Spiteri is the daughter of Jenny Frost with husband, Vicente Juan Spiteri.
Image source: Jenny Frost/Instagram.

The cutest young Blake is not the only child of the family besides twin sister Nico and shares her parents with 11 years old big brother Casper J Thrupp. Casper is the first born and only son of the Precious Jenny Frost. Despite being the child of different fathers, Casper is a dedicated and caring big brother and has a wonderful relationship with his twin sisters.

Blake Spiteri: Baby Name Meaning

The lovely name “Blake” is a surname or a name which has an origin from Old English. The derivation of the name is uncertain and could be Norman name of Welsh origin. However, the name could come from a nickname for someone who had dark hair or skin “blac”. Besides that, another theory is the name has the meaning, “Son of Lake”.

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