Meet All Of Bob Uecker’s Children And Know About Them

Father of four children, Bob Uecker, poses for a picture

Bob Uecker, the retired American Major League Baseball player, married his second wife, Judy Uecker in 1976. The couple together parented four children viz; Steven Uecker, Sue Ann Uecker, Leann Uecker, and Bob Uecker Jr. But the couple of Bob Uecker and Judy Uecker split in 2001.

Bob Uecker is a public figure and remains in the limelight most of the time but his children, on the other hand, are living a very private life. The information about their lives has not much been discerned.

Who Are Bob Uecker’s Children?

Steve Uecker

Bob Uecker’s son, Steve Uecker, was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin, on April 7, 1959. Likewise, he attended Menomonee Falls East High School in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Steve, later on, went to become a chef at Vail, Colorado. Unfortunately, on April 6, 2012, Steve passed away due to San Joaquin Valley Fever. His dear and loved ones were there beside him at the time of his demise. Bob Uecker said in a statement that it was a very difficult time for his family.

Sue Ann Uecker

Bob Uecker and Judy Uecker’s daughter, Sue Ann, has been living an exclusive life. There is not much information about her contemporary status.

Bob Uecker has four children
Bob Uecker had four children with his former wife Judy Uecker. Image source: MLB

Leann Uecker

The second daughter of Bob and Judy Uecker is Leann Uecker. Likewise, she hasn’t disclosed much information about herself either.

Bob Uecker Jr.

Another son of Bob Uecker is Bob Uecker Jr.  Similarly to his other siblings, Bob Jr. might have been born to immediate stardom, but has also chosen a reclusive life

Since not much is known about Bob Uecker’s kids, we can assume that his kids prefer a more ordinary life than in the media’s limelight. It is only understandable, as having media around 24*7 can at times lead to the disclosure of personal matters, including the spread of misinformation. We respect the lives Bob’s children have adopted and wish them good health and happiness.

Name Meaning of Bob Uecker’s Children

Steve: From the Greek Stephanos, the name Steve means a “crown, a garland”.

Leann: Leann is derived from Irish which means “beautiful woman”.

Sue Ann: According to the Urban dictionary, SueAnn is the name of a  girl who is great to be around.

Bob: It is a German baby name meaning  “Famed, bright; shining”


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