Meet Brinkley Redmond and Brooklyn Redmond – Photos Of Brandi Redmond’s Children

Brandi Redmond's daughters Brooklyn and BrinkleyBrooklyn Redmond and Brinkley Redmond are both the daughter of reality TV star Brandi Redmond and Bryan Redmond. Image Source: Pinterest.

Brinkley Redmond and Brooklyn Redmond are the two beautiful daughters of reality TV star Brandi Redmond and Bryan Redmond. Besides them, Brandi also has a son named Bruin Redmond.

Speaking of Brandi Redmond’s daughters, they are as lovely and cute as they were when we were first introduced to them in RHONJ. Moreover, Brandi Redmond’s children, Brooklyn was born in 2009, whereas Brinkley in 2001. This was their short intro let’s get to know about them from the article.

Controversy Related To Brooklyn

We all know about the reality TV star Brandi but how many of us actually know about her two gorgeous daughters. Everyone knows being a star kid is not easy, especially when you are entering a phase of hormonal change. Lately, Brandi’s eldest daughter was accused of being rude to her mother.

Brandi Redmond's daughters Brooklyn Redmond
Brandi and her husband are proud parents of three children. Image Source: Bravo TV.

It all started when Brandi realized that she is not spending as much time with her daughter as she needed. So, to strengthen their bond, Brandi took her daughter shopping with her, which was shown in the reality Tv show RHONJ. There we saw that Brooklyn was very rude to her mother and was talking back. That was something fans didn’t take well lightly. They fired at Brandi Redmond’s daughter on social media, even mentioning her parents to be the worst.

In defense of criticisms, Brooklyn’s mother praised the little girl by posting a picture of Brooklyn with her little brother.


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Brooklyn’s mom even mentioned that she is so hurt with the comments. Moreover, her Instagram post was enough to shut down all the haters and the nasty commentators.

Her daughter Brooklyn is all kind and generous, which we can assume that by the photos uploaded by Brandi on her Instagram. Brooklyn and Brinkley can be seen taking care of their brother Bruin. They can also be spotted having fun with their parents, sometimes going on a vacation, or just chilling at home.

Brooklyn And Brinkley, Life As A Star Kids

Brandi Redmond’s daughters Brooklyn and Brinkley, are well-known celebrity kids. Their father, Bryan Redmond, is a certified Texas Real Estate Broker, whereas mother is a well-known TV face. Together, the couple has three kids, two daughters, and an adopted son.

Furthermore, Brandi and her husband share a lovely bond with their daughters. We can clearly see the love between parents and their children. Brandi’s Instagram is full of her children’s photos, and we can say that she likes to share all the information with the public regarding her kids.

Brandi Redmond's daughters Brinkley Redmond
Brandi shares a good bond with daughters Brinkley and Brooklyn. Image Source: BravoTV.

Additionally, Brandi has shared pictures of her kids going to their first-ever school, sitting with Santa and many more adorable pictures with dad Bryan. Plus, the old pictures of the four having fun at the pool is just remarkable. Brooklyn and Brinkley’s Christmas photos, photos during snowfall, and photos of them taking care of their little brother are far too adorable to underestimate.

Brooklyn and Brinkley Name Meaning

Brandi Redmond’s daughter, Brooklyn Redmond’s name, is of English origin, meaning Water; stream. Whereas Brinkley’s name is of English origin, meaning a woodland clearing.

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