Meet All Of Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson’s Children

Bruce Dickinson and his wife, Paddy Bowden

Bruce Dickinson has three children; two sons and a daughter. They are Austin Dickinson, Griffin Dickinson, and Kia Michelle Dickinson. He had all of his children with his second wife, Paddy Bowden. Bruce did not have any child with his ex-wife, Jane Dickinson.

Paul Bruce Dickinson a.k.a. Bruce Dickinson is the lead singer of the heavy metal band, Iron Maiden. Not only is he a vocal artist, but he is also a songwriter, airline pilot, entrepreneur, author, and broadcaster.

Austin Dickinson Is A Singer And A Musician

Born on September 23, 1990, Austin Dickinson is Bruce Dickinson’s eldest child with wife, Paddy Bowden. He has two siblings; Griffin Dickinson and Kia Michelle Dickinson. He is the singer for the band “As Lions”. Looks like the talented Austin learned every singing ability from his dad and perhaps wanted to carry on with Bruce’s legacy.

Bruce Dickinson's first child
Austin Dickinson (middle) is with his “As Lions” band members. Image Source: Ultimate Guitar.

Austin does a lot of tours and concerts where he always blows people’s minds with outstanding concerts and performances. He frequently posts photos of the band enjoying concerts and tours on his Instagram.

Austin seems to be a fun-loving and entertaining guy because he loves to enjoy life in a unique way. Similarly, Bruce Dickinson’s son, Austin is in a loving relationship with his partner, Liz.


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The cute couple is never fed up with each other. Rather than that the cool couple loves to hang out with each other and spend good quality times. Also, Liz supports Austin with his growing career too. Since Austin often posts photos with Liz, they seem to be fine with their obvious love relationship.

Bruce Dickinson’s Son, Griffin Dickinson Is The Vocalist Of The Band ‘SHVPES’

Just like his elder brother Austin, Griffin is also a vocal artist in his band, ‘SHVPES’. Griffin Dickinson was born in 1992. He also has a younger sister named Kia Michelle Dickinson. The good-looking Griffin also travels to lots of countries to perform on his tours and concerts.

Going through his Instagram account, it seems like he is a cool person. He likes to bring out fun all the time. Bruce Dickinson’s son loves doing fun stuff and enjoying with his band members. He surely wants to make his dad proud through his fantastically rising career.

Bruce Dickinson's son, Griffin Dickinson
Griffin Dickinson loves to enjoy his life doing fun stuff. Image Source: griffindickinson/Instagram.

Although Griffin is bold and handsome, it seems like he is single and has not been committed in any love relationship. Perhaps he is willing to focus on his career at the very moment which is a key part of life.

Kia Michelle Is Different From Her Brothers

Bruce Dickinson’s daughter Kia Michelle was born in 1994 to his wife, Paddy Bowden. Instead of following the family path, she went on a different side which is still a subject of concern for many. Maybe she despised publicity and popularity. So, she might have pursued to live a private life.

Bruce Dickinson's daughter, Kia Michelle Dickinson
Kia Michelle’s parents on a photograph. Kia does not show up that often. Image Source: Daily Express.

She does not seem to show up that often with her family. But she probably is a big fan of her father and two brothers and maybe attends most of their concerts…who knows?

Name Meaning

Austin Dickinson – Austin is an English name and its meaning is magic dignity and venerable.

Griffin Dickinson – The word Griffin came from a medieval Latinized form, Griffinus, which is of the Welsh personal name Gruffudd.

Kia Michelle Dickinson – According to African language, the meaning of Kia is the hill. Similarly, Michelle is the alternative form of the Hebrew word, Michael and it means “Who is like God?”.

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