Meet Carly Witney – Photos of 60’s Supermodel Twiggy’s Daughter

Twiggy’s Daughter, Carly Witney

The American fashion icon and supermodel Twiggy’s daughter, Carly Witney, is a prominent animator and illustrator. The only daughter of the 60’s supermodel Twiggy with her late husband Michael Witney, Carly is joining forces to work with M&S.

The twins like mother and daughter have astounded the media with their uncanny physical appearance and are working together. The proud mother gave birth to Carly in the year 1978 with Michael Witney.

Twiggy’s Lookalike Daughter Carly


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Not every Mother and daughter experience a strong relationship and are close to one another, However, it is not the case with the famous celebrity mother-daughter duo, Twiggy and Carly. The fashion icon Twiggy and daughter Carly does not just share similar physical appearances but also have a strong relationship, according to the 69 years old Twiggy. Furthermore, the proud mother adds that they are very lucky they get on so well and have love for one another that just grows stronger.

Twiggy Convinces Her Daughter to Join Fashion

Twiggy’s Daughter, Carly
The beautiful 40 years old Carly is the only daughter of the famous Twiggy with her late husband Michael Whitney.
Image source: Twiggy/Instagram.

The famed British model Twiggy has spent her life working for the entertainment industry and is completely dedicated in her career. Likewise, the stunning daughter is following her diva mother’s footsteps to achieve her milestones. Carly initially resisted following her mother and chose to study animation. Eventually, Carly capitulated to her mother’s requests. The model whose thin built won her great success during the 60s is joined by her daughter Carly and help her with modelling her designs from Little woods Direct.

The 60’s supermodel Twiggy was excited to have convinced her young daughter to join in the fashion industry. The mother-daughter pair always wanted to work together and believe it will be fun working together. The iconic model and her 40 years old daughter, Carly, have designed a range of pieces inspired by their family holidays in the Mediterranean for high street giant M&S.

Carly Witney: Baby Name Meaning

The modern English name Carly is a beautiful name for a baby girl in North America. The feminine name “Carly” is from the Old English “Ceorl” and is a form of Carl and Charles. The meaning of the beautiful name is from the German Karl meaning “freeman”. Likewise, the feminine form, “Carly” therefore means “free woman”.

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