Meet Christiana Barkley – Find Out If Charles Barkley’s Daughter Is Married And Her Net Worth

Charles Barkley daughter with Maureen Christiana BarkleyChristiana Barkley looks just like her dad. Photo Source: Facebook/ Maureen Barkley

Pretty Christiana Barkley is the daughter of Charles Barkley with Maureen Blumhardt. Her father, Charles, aka Chuck, is a legendary American former pro-basketball player. He is one of the most absolute power forward in the history of the NBA. As for her mother, Maureen is a one-time model famous for her charitable and benevolent endeavors.

Born in 1989 in Pennsylvania, Charles Barkley’s daughter Christiana Barkley grew up in New York City. She completed her junior college at Villanova University in Radnor. Later in 2016, she enrolled at Columbia University for her graduation in Journalism. Being a daughter of renowned celebrities, Christiana grew up in the lap of luxury and fame.

Christiana Barkley Net Worth and Earnings

After graduating in journalism, Christiana Barkley decided to pursue her career in the same field. Charles Barkley’s daughter worked as a sales assistant with a media company. Despite being a daughter of an affluent parent, Christiana Barkley amassed her net worth from her own earnings.

Christiana Barkley Net Worth
Christiana Barkley with her dad Charles Barkley. Photo Source: Facebook/ Maureen Barkley

Besides Journalism, Christiana Barkley also involves herself in charitable activities along with her mother, Maureen. She often attends charity events alongside her parents. In March 2016, she accompanied her mother at the 20th celebration of ‘Fresh Start Fashion Gala,’ a fundraising event. The event raised over $2 million for charity to women to transform their lives.

As for Christiana’s father, Charles Barkley’s net worth is estimated at $50 million.

Charles Barkley Daughter: A Stunning Beauty

Parents of Christiana Barkley, Charles Barkley, and Maureen Blumhardt married the year she born, in 1989. The wedding of Charles and Maureen was the focus of lots of criticism due to racial differences. Christiana’s mother is Caucasian, whereas her father Charles is an Afro-American. Due to the controversies of their love-life at that time, the duo married in a court without any involvement of the media.

Charles Barkley daughter Christiana Barkley
Charles Barkley’s daughter looked like a Barbie in her childhood photo. Photo Source: Facebook/ Maureen Barkley

Being a daughter of a Caucasian momma and an Afro-American Pappa, Christiana is biracial. The peculiar union of Caucasian and Afro-American genes have granted Christiana an extraordinary beauty. Although she resembles her pappa’s exotic looks, she has delicate femininity like her mom. Not only from exterior looks but from the inner heart also Christiana is beautiful. She inherits the philanthropic character of her parents.

Christiana Keeps Her Life Low-Key

The look-alike daughter of Sir Charles, Christiana Barkley, prefers a low-key life. Because of Christiana’s private life, people get to know less about her love life.

Christiana Barkley’s momma Maureen once posted a photo of her with a boy on her Facebook page. Whether he is Christiana Barkley’s husband or boyfriend is yet to be known as she tends to keep her life private and away from the media fuss.

Charles Barkley daughter Christiana Barkley's marriage
Exact information on Charles Barkley’s daughter’s love life is still a mystery. Image Source: Facebook/ Maureen Barkley

Once Christiana gathered popularity for the wrong reason. Her name was in the headlines after some racy photos found on Twitter were rumored to be hers. Later it was unearthed that the images were of a woman named Villanova.

Christiana Barkley could achieve lots of fame by being an easy celebrity. But she likes to stay away from the media limelight like her celebrity dad Charles Barkley. According to Charles, social media are for only losers. So he hates being in social media.

Name Meaning: Christiana Barkley

Christiana originated from Latin, which means “follower of Christ.”

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