Meet Clementine Poppy De Vere Drummond – Claudia Schiffer’s Daughter With Husband Matthew Vaughn

Claudia Schiffer's daughter Clementine Poppy De Vere Drummond

The German model and actress, Claudia Schiffer’s daughter, Clementine Poppy De Vere Drummond, was born on 11 November 2004 as the second born child. The eldest daughter, Clementine, is the younger sister of brother Caspar Matthew and big sister of adorable Cosima Violet.

The proud parents and lovebirds, Claudia and director Matthew Vaughn, walked down the aisle on 25 May 2002 in Suffolk, England. Despite over a decade of marriage, the soulmate has a strong bond and thriving relationship.

Clementine Loves Her Siblings

Claudia Schiffer's family
Claudia Schiffer’s daughter, Clementine Poppy De Vere Drummond, is the eldest daughter and the second born of the family.
Image source: Claudia Schiffer/Instagram.

Claudia and Matthew’s eldest daughter, Clementine, is not the only child of the family. Beautiful Clementine is the big sister of Cosima Violet and younger sister of brother Casper. The adorable siblings were born on 30 January 2003 and 14 May 2010 respectively. Despite being a young sister, little Clementine is a responsible child and loves her siblings,

The adorable siblings share a strong and intimate bond and are almost inseparable. The mother of three, Claudia, despises media interventions and prefers keeping her beautiful younglings away from the public. Furthermore, Mother Claudia hesitates to post pictures of her babies on her social media.

Claudia Wants to be a Model Agent for Her Daughter


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The stunning German supermodel, Claudia, is one of the world’s successful models and even holds a record for the model with most magazine covers in Guinness Book of World Records. However, Claudia’s contribution to the fashion doesn’t end here and is introducing her baby girl to the industry. The little 14 years old Clementine is a young diva and is following her mother’s footsteps towards the huge fashion industry.

Despite the young age, Clementine is passionate about modelling and would love to make up a name for herself in the industry. Likewise, the supportive mother is happy with her child’s decision and is willing to become a model agent for her daughter herself when the time is right. Mother Claudia has even made plans for her baby daughter’s future in the media industry. However, fashion icon Claudia is not pressuring little Claudia to choose a career path now. Claudia does confess of being supportive regardless of the career her daughter Clementine, wants.

Clementine Poppy De Vere Drummond: Baby Name Meaning

The lovely name Clementine is a Latin baby name for a girl. The beautiful Latin meaning of  “Clementine” is from “Clemens” which means “mild” or “merciful”. Besides that, Clementine is a famous name in the US on the basis for the word clement in English.

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