Meet Dakota Tao Brooks-Woodside – Photos Of Golden Brook’s Daughter With Baby Father D.B. Woodside

Golden Brook and her daughter Dakota Tao

The ballet dancer, Golden Brook’s daughter Dakota Tao Brook was born on 1 September 2009. She is the first child to Golden Brook and her ex-partner D.B. Woodside. 

Even though the partner took a step forward with their daughter Dakota, they never tied a knot. They parted in 2010. However, Golden Brook and W.B. Woodside are co-parenting their child, which is great.

American actress Golden Brook’s Daughter Dakota

Christmas is the most wonderful time of a year. Especially for children, gifts are the basic ingredient for merry Christmas. And last year, Dakota got something special she had wanted for a long time. It is the Little Pooch, a cute white puppy. Dakota looked very much delighted with the present. After all, dogs are the only one who is the best companion to all. It seems Dakota will have lots of fun with her new family.

Golden Brook's daughter Dakota Tao
Dakota holding her Little Pooch-A Christmas Present. Image Source-Golden Brook Instagram

Golden Brook has shared her daughter Dakota’s picture on Instagram where she had participated in the running race. It seems she is also kinda sports lover. Golden herself was there to support her. It is always nice for children to have somebody besides them to encourage.

W.B. Woodside with his daughter Dakota
W.B.Woodside carrying her daughter Dakota when she was little. Image Source-W.B.Woodside Instagram

Since Dakota is the single child, Dakota seems to be loved dearly by both partners. W.B Woodside keeps flaunting his daughter with heartwarming messages on his Instagram. It appears Dakota is an apple of his eye.

Even though, Golden Brook daughter’s Dakota Tao is young. She has been involved in many things. She likes to act and has even recorded some raps with her friends. Besides, she loves to paint. Pretty talented, isn’t she?

 Dakota Celebrated Her First Communion

Since Dakota is the only child of W.B Woodside and Golden Brook, she seems to enjoy the great love from her parents. Dakota Tao had her few friends and family to participate in her first communion ceremony. She has shared some beautiful pictures of her with friends on Golden Instagram.

Dakota with her friends
Dakota with her friends in Communion event. Image Source-Golden Brook Instagram

Maria is growing into a beautiful young lady like her Mom. We hope she has talent like her mother.

Dakota Tao: Name Meaning

Dakota is native American baby name. It means “friends”. The Tao name is Vietnamese names meaning “Long life”.

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