Dan Abrams’ Son Everett Floyd Abrams Shares Beautiful Moments With his Dad

Television presenter Dan Abrams has a pretty hectic lifestyle. He is the chief legal affairs anchor for ABC News while also hosting the show Live PD on the A&E network. Despite such a busy schedule, Dan always manages to find time for his son Everett Floyd Abrams as the two are seen sharing beautiful moments with each other on numerous occasions.

Everett is Dan’s only child with girlfriend Florinka Pesenti and was born in July 2012. As he is Dan and Florinka’s only child, he is the apple of his parent’s eyes. Both his parents love him a lot and they like to be around him all the time. Dan, despite being busy all the time, always finds time to hang out with his son.

Dan with his son Everett
Dan Abrams and his son Everett hanging out together. Image Source: Hamptons

Dan and Everett are seen spending time in different places. They are sometimes seen hanging out by the beach whereas, on other occasions, they are spending time having brunch together. Everett always seems very happy to be spending time with his lovely dad and enjoys these precious moments with his dad.

Dan hosts the morning show Good Morning America for ABC, but right after the show his over, he quickly arrives home so that he can hang out with his 6-year-old son. These moments are very precious for both Everett and Dan as they get to enjoy the moments of Everett growing up and becoming a man.

Like Father Like Son

Dan Abrams and his son at family fair
Dan Abrams and his son Everett at the 6th annual fair held in New York. Image Source: Zimbio

Dan also takes his son with him to different award shows, almost as if to groom him for future work in TV or even the big screen. He also takes Everett to others events and functions like family fairs amongst others. They clearly make most of any time they get to be together.

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Dan and Everett also like to go on walks together. Dan takes his son out to see the world and they are seen enjoying every moment of it. Everett is also a big fan of snow and Dan takes him out to play snow as soon as winter rolls around. Their encounters with the snow can be seen on their Instagram posts.

Dan and his son Everett’s bond is so unbreakable that they have been featured in covers of magazines together. Most notably, they have been featured in the cover of the Hamptons magazine.

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Despite a hectic schedule and a ton of work. Dan has always been able to dedicate a sufficient amount of time to his son Everett. Due to this, they have developed a special bond and have shared a lot of beautiful father-son moments together.

Everett Floyd Abram- Name Meaning

The name Everett is a derived form of Evered, which is also a derived form of Eoforheard which means brave as a wild boar.

As for Floyd, it is is a Welsh name which means Grey.

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