Meet All The Daughters Of Rodney Crowell With Ex-Wife Rosanne Cash

Rodney Crowell has four daughters

The musician, Rodney Crowell, and Rosanne Cash had been married from 1979 to 1992. They have altogether three daughters named Caitlin Rivers Crowell, Carrie Kathleen Crowell, and Chelsea Jean Crowell. Rosanne Cash has also raised Hannah Crowell, Rodney Crowell’s daughter from his previous marriage.

Rodney is currently with his wife Claudia Church and has been married since 1998, and they don’t seem to have any children yet. Despite the couple’s divorce, both Rosanne and Rodney share a cordial relationship with each other.

Rodney shared that even though their marriage ended, their music collaboration goes on. You can watch their collaborative track on “This Ain’t Over Yet.” Regarding their daughters, they seem to have a stable life now. Some of them have been married and even have a child.

Rodney Crowell’s Daughter, Hannah Crowell Is An Interior Designer

Hannah Crowell is the eldest daughter of the famous singer Rodney Crowell from his previous marriage. She is the owner and designer at Crowell + Co. Interiors. She probably makes satisfying money as a designer and the owner of the company.

As for her personal life, Hannah married in 2014 to the respected man whose detail hasn’t been shared. However, Rodney has expressed his happiness for his daughter through his Facebook page. During one National daughter’s day, Rosanne Cash shared a rare photo of her four daughters.

Rodney Crowell's four daughters
Rodney Crowell’s four daughters, Hannah (on the right), are all grown up. Image Source: Rosanne Cash.

She also has two cute daughters and always posts their photos on her Instagram too. But she never uploads her husband’s photos. Perhaps he likes to live a low-profile life from social media, or she and her husband are not living together and might have divorced.

However, there is no information about Hannah Crowell’s biological mother on social media; neither has Rodney opened anything about it. From her father’s Facebook, we got to know that Hannah has started a design venture and a lifestyle blog. You can follow her on the blog to get more updates about her.

Carrie Kathleen Crowell Is A Married Woman

Rodney Crowell’s daughter, Carrie Kathleen, was born in 1988. She married her other half, Daniel Knobler, and are happily living a married life. The lovely couple’s happiness had no boundaries when little Willoughby came into their life. The baby is loved dearly by everyone in the family.


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Carrie is also an interior designer and stylist by profession. Since the couple’s separation, Rodney Crowell rarely has any appearance with his daughters. However, things seem to be in good terms between them. The former couple has left a friendly environment for their children.

But Carrie Kathleen is probably living a life away from the spotlight. Despite being a celebrity kid, she isn’t that much active on social media. She has a private Instagram account. It tells us that Carrie is the kind of person who loves privacy and secrecy.

Chelsea Jean Crowell Probably Pursued A Career In Music Industry

Born in 1982, Rodney Crowell’s daughter, Chelsea Jean Crowell, has three sisters. During her 37th birthday, she came into limelight when Rosanne Cash shared a young photo of hers.

She apparently followed her dad’s footsteps and became a singer and guitarist. Although she has not achieved great success as compared to her dad, she is probably flourishing as a better artist day by day. She also performed Johnny Cash’s song ‘There You Go’ at the Mississippi Museum of Art in downtown Jackson.

Rodney must be proud of his daughter, Chelsea, that she continued his legacy in the music industry. Perhaps Rodney is backing his daughter and teaching her to thrive as one of the best music artists. Therefore Chelsea could make her family proud of her from her music career soon.

Caitlin Rivers Crowell Lives In Nashville

Caitlin Rivers Crowell is Rodney Crowell’s eldest daughter with his ex-wife Rosanne Cash. She has a low profile on social media; however, she lives in Nashville. She was once spotted with her mother nearby a lake.

According to Daily Mail, one of Rosanne Cash’s daughters was subjected to the apparent verbal lashing, though her two daughters, Caitlin and Carrie, both live in Nashville.

As for Caitlin Rivers Crowell, she is a woman of privacy and is not a familiar face in the spotlight. She is possibly living a very subtle life at the moment.

Name Meaning

Hannah Crowell – Hannah is a Hebrew given name meaning favor or grace.

Carrie Kathleen Crowell – The name Carrie denotes “free man,” and Kathleen is the Gaelic form of Katherine, it means pure and unsullied.

Chelsea Jean Crowell – Chelsea was originated from English. It is the name of the place. Similarly, Jean came from the Hebrew name, Yochanan, meaning ‘The Lord is Gracious.’

Caitlin Rivers Crowell – Caitlin is the French name meaning pure and clear. Rivers originally means riverbank.

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