DJ Self has a 17 Years Old Daughter. Who is the Baby Mama?

DJ Self's daughter Kayla Gambao

The Love and Hip Hop star, DJ Self’s daughter, Kayla Gamboa, was born on March 24, 2000, as the only child of the reality star. Despite being the daughter of a famous icon, Kayla was not introduced in the media industry.

The famous New York rapper, DJ self has made a name for himself in the entertainment and music industry by his presence on the radio and in the clubs. However, the daughter of DJ Self is kept under wraps because of the privacy issues. Despite the musician and rapper’s daughter, Kayla keeps her life low-key.

Extraordinarily Beautiful DJ Self’s Daughter

DJ Self's daughter, Kayla
The stunning Kayla Gamboa is the only daughter of the famous Love and hip-hop star, DJ Self.
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The reality TV star, DJ Self, was in the middle of a love triangle between Yorma and Cardi B. However, the star showed how serious he was by introducing Yorma to his stunning daughter, Kayla. The daughter Kayla stole the show as the fans never stopped praising the young beauty of the daughter of Love and Hip-hop star, Kayla.

Despite not having a proper relationship with any of the females in his life, daughter Kayla is the only thing he has got right in his life. Likewise, the famous rapper is focusing on maintaining his relationship with his daughter. Furthermore, In an interview, Father Self admits that he wants his seventeen years old daughter to work for the money such that she learns how to earn for living.

Secret Identity of Kayla Gamboa’s Mother


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The seventeen years old Kayla was born on March as the daughter of DJ Self with his then partner. The relationship is controversial as DJ Self despises sharing his personal information in public, despite being a media personality. Although being associated with various celebrities like Cardi B and Yorma Hernandez and many more, the actual baby mama of the young Kayla is unidentified. The Love & Hip-hop star, DJ self is mum about revealing the identity of Kayla’s mother.

Kayla Gamboa: Baby Name Meaning

“Kayla” is a Greek name for a girl. The Greek meaning of the name has various possible meanings and origins. The Geek meaning of the name “Kayla” is “Pure. Likewise, the Hebrew Mikael meaning of the name is “who is like God?”. Furthermore, the name in Hebrew means Laurel crown or the crown of victory.

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