Meet Drew Pinsky’s Children He Had With His Wife Susan Pinsky

Drew Pinsky's family including children

American doctor Drew Pinsky‘s children, Paulina Marie Pinsky, Douglas Drew Pinsky, and Jordan Davidson Pinsky are triplets. Drew had them with his wife Susan Pinsky on November 11, 1992.

The parents of three, Drew and Susan tied the wedding knot on July 21, 1991. Likewise, the sibling trio of Paulina, Douglas, and Jordan are college graduates. The kids who have now all grown up are living comfortably and enjoying successful careers in their respective professions.

Paulina Marie Pinsky: Drew Pinsky’s Daughter

One of Drew Pinsky’s triplets, Paulina has grown up to become a gorgeous lady. She is also the only daughter of her parents. Now a grown-up adult, Paulina is pursuing a career in writing. She is also an aspiring comedian and a weight-loss activist, according to her Huffington Post profile.

Drew Pinsky's daughter Paulina Pinsky
The lovely Paulina aspires to be a bestselling writer. Image Source: Paulina’s Instagram.

At the moment, Paulina boasts an undergraduate degree from Barnard College, as well as a Master’s in Fine Arts from Columbia University. According to her website, she is also a sketch comedy writer and has performed at the Annoyance Theater in New York, among others.

Paulina Pinsky's college
The talented Paulina is a graduate of the Columbia University MFA program. Image Source: Paulina’s Instagram.

Undoubtedly, the young and talented Paulina makes her parents proud of her personal and academic success. Paulina is active on Instagram where she has over 2.8K followers as of July 2019.

Douglas Drew Pinsky: Drew Pinsky’s Son

Going by his Instagram account, the handsome Douglas Drew lives an unconventional life. By profession, he works as a law clerk at Loyola Law Evening.


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Further, Douglas is an avid traveler, and he spends most of his time in Sydney, Australia. Moreover, Douglas states on his Instagram bio that he is a music composer and occasionally performs at the Sydney Opera House. Undoubtedly, Douglas is a wanderer and travels places while making fresh music.

Jordan Davidson Pinsky: Drew Pinsky’s Son

Jordan, who goes by pindogg56 on Instagram, enjoys life to the fullest. He is a hardcore traveler and surpasses his brother Douglas when it comes to flying from one country to another. Also, Jordan has been to many vacation destinations in Europe and East Asia.

Drew Pinsky's son Jordan Pinsky
With a bright smile, Jordan Pinsky is a passionate world traveler. Image Source: Jordan’s Instagram.

As for his profession, Jordan is a professional fun-lover. He hops around from place to places absorbing the culture and forming new relationships with the people in the host nations. He also bonds well certain insects in the foreign lands.

Jordan Pinsky and snake
The brave Jordan Pinsky carries a cobra on his shoulders. Image Source: Jordan’s Instagram.

Drew Pinsky’s Children: Name Meaning

Paulina Marie Pinsky: Paulina is a Latin name meaning “little or humble.” Marie is a Hebrew name meaning “sea of bitterness” or “sea of sorrow.”

Douglas Drew Pinsky: Douglas is a Scottish name meaning “dark water.” Drew is an Irish surname, meaning “descendant of the Druid.”

Jordan Davidson Pinsky: Jordan is a Hebrew name that refers to the “Jordan River.” Davidson is a name that means “descendant of David or beloved son of David.”

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