See How Is Eddie Vedder’s Daughter Harper Vedder Growing Up

Eddie Vedder's Daughter Harper VedderEddie Vedder's Daughter Harper Vedder is his youngest child. Image Source: Jill Vedder Instagram

Eddie Jerome Vedder, an American singer, guitarist, and composer, was born on December 23, 1964. He is best known as the lead vocalist and one of four guitarists of the band Pearl Jam. Vedder is well renowned for his influencing baritone singing.

Harper Vedder is one of the two daughters of the guitarist. So many people want to know whether she will follow in her father’s footsteps, just like her sister. So follow along and learn more about Eddie Vedder’s daughter Harper and her other interests in life.

Was Born Before Her Parents Tied The Knot

Harper Moon Vedder, born on September 23, 2008, is the youngest daughter of Eddie Vedder and his spouse, Jill Vedder. Her dad and mom welcomed her even before tying the knot. Harper Vedder’s parents tied the knot on September 18, 2010, and are still happily married. The duo welcomed two wonderful daughters together, Harper and Olivia Vedder. Her older sister was born on June 11, 2004.

Eddie Vedder's Daughter Harper Vedder
Eddie Vedder’s Daughter Harper Vedder was born in September 2008. Image Source: Jill Vedder Instagram.

Before getting married to her mother, Jill McCormick Vedder, Harper Vedder’s dad, shared a marital life with Beth Liebling. This former couple, who tied the knot on June 3, 1994, divorced in September 2000.

The relationship between Harper and her older sister, Olivia, must be understanding and lovely. Since the sisters are only a few years apart, it must have been fun growing up together. Nonetheless, the small family of four must be living a comfortable lifestyle.

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Is Eddie Vedder’s Daughter Interested To Follow In His Footsteps?

Being raised with a rockstar father and an emerging singer-sister, Harper must be very inspired by them. She must have developed some musical interest. In August 2015, Harper and her dad teamed up for an origin song, The Traveler, for the soundtrack to Cameron Crowe’s film, Aloha.

It is a 30-second tune that plays over the movie’s end credits and features Eddie Vedder’s daughter repeatedly singing, “I gotta go,” while he is on a ukulele. However, we can see Harper with her mom and dad at several events. She also performed the Batman theme song with her dad in April 2016.

As of 2022, Eddie’s baby girl is fourteen years old, so she must be focusing on her studies alongside working on her musical talents. Let’s hope she reveals more about her educational details in the coming days.

Often Travels With Her Family

While Eddie Vedder’s baby girl has refrained from sharing about her personal life, her mother often updates about her activities through her social media. The mom-and-daughter duo often visit several places and even hike together. Harper Vedder’s mama shared several pictures of them when they paid visits to museums, historical places, and traditional places.

Did you know Eddie’s kid is obsessed with Hamilton, and she did Hamilton’s walking tour in New York in July 2022? Likewise, Harper also accompanies her parents and sister to different political events. She also seems to enjoy horse riding, as she has been snapped several times taking her horse to graze. Ms. Vedder seems to be an outgoing person.

Overall, Eddie Vedder’s daughter Harper is doing very well. We wish her to have a prosperous life ahead.

Name Meaning Of Harper

Harper is a name that means “someone who plays the harp” and is derived from the word “harp,” which refers to the musical stringed instrument.

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