Where Is Elizabeth Cotten’s Daughter Lillie Cotten Now?

Elizabeth Cotten's Daughter, Lillie CottenThe late singer Elizabeth Cotten had a daughter, Lillie Cotten, with her ex-husband, Frank Cotten. Image Source: Social Media.

Elizabeth “Libba” Cotten, aka Elizabeth Cotten, was famous for her influence on American folk music, songwriting and guitar playing. She was a self-taught left-handed guitarist. In addition, she was best known for her composing the song Freight Train.

The talented folk and blues musician was active in the music industry for several years, and she gained considerable fame and wealth in her career. Talking about her personal life, she was a married woman with a kid. Her baby girl has grown up, but not much is known about her professional and personal life. So, follow until the end to learn about Elizabeth Cotten’s daughter, Lillie Cotten.

Is The Only Child of Her Parents

Lillie Cotten is the child of American folk and blues musician Elizabeth Cotten and her ex-husband, Frank Cotten. Moreover, Lillie is the granddaughter of Louisa Price Nevill and George Nevill. 

At 13, her mother started working as a maid along with her grandmother. The late singer seems to have had a difficult childhood.

Lillie Cotten’s mother married her father on 7 November 1910. Her mom was just seventeen at that time. However, the late couple divorced in the 1940s. As the only child in the family, the musician’s daughter must have had a happy childhood.

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Her Mom Quit Music For Her

The late guitarist put aside playing after the birth of her child. She didn’t return back to playing until twenty-five years later. By that time, Elizabeth Cotten’s daughter had grown up and got married. Eventually, she left her parents’ home. Shortly after, Elizabeth divorced her spouse and moved near the city where Lillie and her family were settled.

Still, the singer hadn’t returned to her musical career. Instead, she worked at a department store in Chapel Hill, New York, and Washington D.C. She even sold dolls in the Landsburgh’s Department Store for a living.

Elizabeth Cotten's Daughter, Lillie Cotten
Elizabeth Cotten’s daughter, Lillie Cotten, got married and moved to Washington D.C. Image Source: Social Media.

At that time, Elizabeth met a lost child, Peggy Seeger, and helped her return home. The little girl’s mom, Ruth Seeger, helped the late singer find her way back to the music industry.

Lillie and her family also supported Elizabeth in continuing her passion. Sadly, she lost her mother in June 1987 at the age of 94. However, she achieved great success in her career and lived well.

Where Is Elizabeth Cotten’s Daughter Now?

As mentioned above, the late singer’s daughter got married. However, the identity of Lillie Cotten’s husband is still confidential. In addition, she welcomed five children with her partner. One of them is her daughter, Johnine Rankin.

Elizabeth Cotten’s granddaughter is also a singer with a beautiful alto voice. She has also provided vocals on her grandmom’s songs Praying Time Will Soon Be Over, Time To Stop Your Idling, etc. In addition, Johnine often speaks about her late granny with the media.

Overall, Elizabeth Cotten’s daughter seems to be enjoying a private life. She hasn’t made many media appearances but is likely living a comfortable lifestyle. We wish Lillie Cotten a peaceful life ahead.

Name Meaning

Lillie is a name of English origin that means The Flower Lily. The flower symbolizes Innocence, Purity, and Beauty.

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