Meet Giulio Flood – Photos Of Richard Flood’s Son With Wife Gabriella Pession

Richard Flood's son Giulio Flood Giulio Flood is the eldest son of actor Richard Flood and actress Gabriella Pession. Image Source: Getty Images.

Richard Flood is a really talented TV-actor best known for his roles in Shameless, Crossing Lines, and many more. He is not only an actor but also a really accomplished husband and a father. Richard tied the knot to his wife Gabriella Pession on September 3, 2016. Richard Flood’s wife is also a very talented American-born Italian actress. Both share a lovely child, a son named Giulio Flood.

Richard Flood’s son Giulio Flood was born on 22nd July 2014. Like all parents, Giulio’s parents are really cautious regarding him. They don’t usually post his picture on any social media platform, and even if they do post his picture, they generally don’t show his face. His mother posts pictures of him facing backward and the only thing we can see is his curly red hair. Another thing we know about him is his passion for art.

An Art Lover, Artist

Richard Flood’s son Giulio Flood loves painting and drawing. In fact, his mother likes to call him her little Picasso. He not only plays with colors but also creates a masterpiece with them, a masterpiece that only little children like him understand. He is a really cute child, fuzzy and adorable.

Just look at the picture of him creating a masterpiece out of little cans of paint.


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Nonetheless, the star kid also loves playing with his friends, having pets around him, and spending lots of time with papa Richard. Giulio’s father, despite a tight schedule, spends as much time possible with his little son.

Richard Flood's son Giulio Flood
Richard and his son spending their lovely time together. Image Source: Gabriella’s Instagram.

Both the father-son duo loves going on beaches and swim on a sunny day. Little Giulio’s mother is always near him, never letting her beloved son away from her sight. That’s what we call mother’s love, pure and delicate.

A Happy Family Of Three

lives with his mama Gabriella and papa Richard. The family of three loves a vacation, and the idea of visiting new places is always around the corner. They are amongst the people who enjoy the moment, and sitting under a tree with his mama is something Giulio is often seen doing. Plus according to his mother, he really likes watching the clouds pass by. In fact, the mother-son duo can be seen sitting around a park’s bench enjoying one another’s company. Not only his mother’s company but also his father’s company is the thing he adores.

Furthermore, the Flood family loves doing adventurous stuff. They go on bicycle rides, skiing, and visit exotic places. Giulio just loves chasing the wind and enjoys his parents’ company. It’s not life if it’s simple, there must be some complications to spice things up. Every family has a time when they have to face trouble, but putting on a happy face is a must. Same as that, the Flood family might also have faced problems, but we are sure that they have passed the test of time and stood strong. Seeing them enjoying one another’s company just makes us happy, and the family of three is perfect in every way.

Giulio Flood Name Meaning

Richard Flood’s son, Giulio Flood’s name, is of Italian origin meaning Youthful and Julio.

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