Meet Gray Audrey Bratcher – Photos of Jenna Von Oy’s Daughter With Brad Bratcher

Daughter of Jenna Von Oy and Brad Butcher is Gray Andrey

American actress and Country singer Jenna Von Oy has carved a nice career for herself and is mainly known for her role in sitcom series’ like Blossom and The Parkers. Along with her acting and singing career, she also has a  peaceful personal life as she is married to computer data consultant Brad Batcher. Jenna and Brad are blessed with two daughters, one of them being Gray Audrey Blutcher.

Gray Andrey Butcher is the eldest daughter of Jenna Von Oy and Brad Butcher. Jenna and Brad got married on October 10, 2010, and two years later, on May 21, 2012, Gray was born. She is six years old now and is constantly seen spending time with her family, especially her mother. She also has a younger sister named Marlo Monroe who is four years old.

Gray Andrey Butcher
Daughter of Jenna Von Oy and Brad Butcher, Gray Andrey born on May 21, 2012.  Image Source: Timeincapp

Here, we’ll look at some interesting facts about Gray Andrey Butcher:

1) Details of Gray’s Birth

Gray Andray Butcher was born on May 21, 2012, in Nashville, Tennesse. She was born at 4:51 pm and surprisingly had a full head of hair too. She weighed in at 7lbs., 6 oz. and had a height of 18 inches upon her birth. According to her parents, she had an undeniable charm as soon as she was born.

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As far as the meaning of her name goes, Gray means a color that is a combination of black and white. Gray signifies calmness and being neutral, so her name could mean that a calm and neutral person.

Both Jenna and Brad were elated by the birth of their daughter and expressed it during an interview with PEOPLE. The two stated that they were exhausted after Gray’s birth but enjoyed every single moment of it. They proclaimed they were in love with their daughter and their happiness had no limits.

2) She Has A Younger Sister

Gray is not the only child of Brad and Jenna as they have given birth to another daughter as well. The couple’s second daughter, whose name is Marlo Monroe, was born on November 1, 2014, also in her hometown of Nashville. Marlo is two years younger than Gray and the siblings live together with their parents in Nashville.


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Upon her birth, Marlo weighed a solid 7 lbs., 4 0z. and had a height of 18.25 inches. Her parents once again expressed joy at the birth of their second daughter. Gray too is elated that she has a younger sister and the two share an indestructible bond.

3) She Lives With Four Dogs

Not only does Gray have a sister to play with, but she also has the company of four dogs. Her parents are dog lovers and they have 4 dogs in their home. Though the names of all the dogs are unclear, their latest dog’s name is Ruby whom they rescued.


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The family initially had five kids but one of their dogs, Mia, died a year ago.

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