Meet Hazel Gordy – Photos Of Berry Gordy’s Daughter and Jermaine Jackson’s Ex-Wife

Hazel Gordy and Berry Gordy

The former model and Media Personality, Hazel Gordy is notably recognized as Jermaine Jackson’s ex-wife. Jermaine is Michael Jackson‘s brother and he is currently married to Halima Rashid.

Hazel Gordy was born on August 24, 1954, in Michigan to parents, Berry Gordy and Thelma Coleman. Her marital relationship with Jermaine didn’t last long. They had altogether three children named Autumn Jackson, Jaimy Jackson, and Jermaine Jackson. Jr. Berry Gordy’s daughter Hazel and son-in-law Jermaine Jackson came to the media limelight after Jermaine cheated on her with another mistress.

Berry Gordy’s Daughter, Hazel Gordy

Jermaine Jackson’s ex-wife Hazel Gordy is the eldest child of Berry Gordy. From an early age, she was very passionate about music.  As her father is a musician, there were ample opportunities to make her dream come true. She had a music homeschooling. However, that didn’t last. Hazel wasn’t able to make it big as she had predicted. After she settled with her now ex-husband Jermaine Jackson, she never became a musician and probably since then, she seems to have stopped working on that further. It looks like due to some reason, it made Hazel Gordy quit.

Hazel Gordy, Jermaine Jackson, Berry Gordy
Hazel Gordy with father Berry Gordy and ex-husband Jermaine Jackson at their wedding. Image Source: Daily Mail

Former couple Hazel Gordy and Jermaine Jackson married on December 15, 1973. Nearly after 14 years, Berry Gordy’s daughter Hazel would discover that her husband was cheating on her with his mistress, Margaret Maldonado. She tried her best to bring their relationship back on track but eventually in 1988, they filed for divorce.

Jermaine had a child with Margaret in the same year. After the divorce, Hazel took custody of her three children. Despite the nightmarish divorce, Jermaine and Hazel seem to have a friendly relationship with their kids.

Hazel Gordy family
Berry Gordy’s daughter Hazel Gordy with children alongside ex-husband, Jermaine Jackson. Photo Source: Pinterest.

As of now, Hazel rarely appears on social media and after her divorce with her ex-husband Jermaine, she has completely tried to avoid attention. Her ex-husband, Jermaine is since married twice. However, Hazel remained single and she moved on.

Hazel Gordy: Name Meaning

Hazel is the popular name of English-speaking countries. It is the name of the tree or the color.

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