See What Are All Of Heather Thomas’ Daughters Are Doing Now?

Heather Thomas' DaughterHeather Thomas is a loving mother of three daughters. Image Source: Social Media.

Born Heather Anne Thomas, Heather Thomas is a famous actress, author, and political activist. She started her acting career in 1978 and ended it in 1998. Nevertheless, she accumulated a lot of fame. Apart from her acting profession, she has gained immense recognition through her social work and political activities.

Moreover, the beautiful actress now leads a wonderful family with her husband, Harry Marcus Brittenham. In addition, she is a doting mother to her children. So, in today’s article, let’s get to know Heather Thomas’ daughters, India Rose Brittenham, Shauna Brittenham, and Kristina Brittenham.

The Brittenham Siblings

As mentioned earlier, India Rose, Shauna, and Kristina are the lovely children of Heather and Harry. Furthermore, the Brittenham siblings’ parents walked down the aisle in  October 1992. The couple has been happily together ever since. During their three-decades-long marital journey, the pair have created a beautiful family of five.

Moreover, Heather Thomas’ husband had two daughters from his previous relationship. As a result, the actress is also a mother to her two stepdaughters, Kristina and Shauna. Additionally, India Rose Brittenham was born as the first child of her parents on June 19, 2000. Her half-sisters were already teenagers when she was born.

Regardless, the Brittenham sisters must have had a very close bond with each other while growing up together. Not to mention, the Brittenham family’s love and support for each other. Hopefully, their bond will continue to grow even stronger in the coming days.

Furthermore, the beautiful ladies’ mother has been married twice. Her first marriage was to Alan Rosenthal in August 1985. However, the former couple parted ways just after a year in September 1986. They didn’t welcome any babies together.

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Their Mom Quit Acting

The Brittenham siblings’ mother is still well known for her work in the movie, The Fall GuyAfter getting immense fame, she also faced numerous incidents with stalkers, which prompted her to quit acting. However, in an interview with Reuters, the doting momma revealed that she wanted to pay more attention to her little girls and family as well.

Heather Thomas' Daughter
Heather Thomas quit her acting career due to stalkers and to focus on her family. Image Source: Social Media.

Back then, one of the stalkers even came up with a knife at Thomas’ house. At that time, Heather Thomas’ daughters, Kristina and Shauna, were still young. That was when the Cyclone star decided to end her booming career. Although she yearned and craved acting, she had to do what she had to at the end of the day.

Heather Thomas’ Daughter, Shauna, Is A Musician

During her interview with CNN, Heather’s daughter, Kristina, was a law student, and Shauna was a college student. Kristina followed in her father’s footsteps and must be working in a related field. Hopefully, she is doing great in her professional life.

Meanwhile, Shauna is pursuing a career as a musician. You can listen to her beautiful music on iTunes and Spotify. Some of her top music includes Smart People, I Do, Dance With A Stanger, Things I Said, and Dreamer’s Dream. Also, the singer has her own YouTube channel where she uploads her singing videos.

Additionally, the artist seems to have followed in her mom’s footsteps too. She is involved in the entertainment industry and has few acting credits. Harry Brittenham’s daughter is known for her role in the movies, Revenge of the Girlfriends and Siri Strikes Back.

As a musician and singer, Shauna Brittenham’s net worth must be a considerable amount. On the other hand, Heather Thomas’ net worth is $2 million. Thus, they seem to live comfortably.

Meanwhile, not much information is available about India Rose. Let’s hope she will come at ease and disclose more about her professional and personal life.

Attend Many Functions With Their Mom And Dad

Heather Thomas’ daughters are very close to each other. Additionally, Shauna and Kristina attend many functions and public ceremonies together with their mom. For instance, the actress and her stepdaughter, Shauna, attended the Third Annual Environmental Media Awards in September 1993 at Century Fox Studios in California.

Moreover, the entire Brittenham family was present during the launch party for Heather’s debut novel “Trophies” at Barney’s in Beverly Hills in May 2008. Thomas’ husband and children seem to support whatever she pursues wholeheartedly. Nonetheless, all of Heather Thomas’ daughters have grown up to be amazing adults. We wish them more success and happiness in the coming days.

Name Meaning

India is a Sanskrit name that means River. Meanwhile, Rose is a name of Latin origin that means a Flower, Rose.

Kristina is a girl name that originated in Scandinavia. It means Follower of Christ. Finally, an Irish Gaelic name Shauna means God is Gracious.

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