English Footballer Jamie O’Hara Is A Father Of Three Children

Jamie O'Hara father of three children, Harry James O'Hara, Archie O'Hara, and George O'Hara

Jamie O’Hara, a famous English footballer is a proud father of his three children named Archie O’Hara, Harry James O’Hara, and George O’Hara. Jamie had all his three children together with his ex-wife Danielle Lloyd whom he tied the wedding knot on 26th of May 2012.

However, the former couple settled their differences and got divorced in 2014 just after 2 years of marriage.

Let us glance at the profile of all 3 Jamie O’Hara’s children each:

Archie O’Hara Is The Eldest Son Of Jamie O’Hara

Jamie O’Hara’s son Archie O’Hara was born on 12th of July 2010 at the Portland Hospital, in London.  The soccer player was the happiest father when his first son Archie was born.

Jamie O'Hara's eldest son Archie O'Hara
Archie O’Hara(clicked during 1 year of age) loves to enjoy his time being with his parents, Jamie O’Hara and Danielle Lloyd. Image Source: Daily Mail.

Back in September 2017, there was quite a quarrel between Danielle Lloyd and her former husband Jamie. According to the MirrorJamie had demanded access to his three children including Archie after their divorce in 2014. Also, Jamie took the matter to Twitter, begging his ex to let him see his three sons without going back to court.

Not only that but, Jamie’s ex had claimed that it would fear over their son Archie’s mental health and is causing the apparent breakdown in communication.

Harry James O’Hara Was Born In 2011

Jamie O’Hara’s middle son Harry James O’Hara was born on September 2011. Harry’s birth was quite busted out in the news as he was born 10 weeks prior to his estimated birth. Hence, premature Harry was moved to a special neonatal unit.

Jamie O'Hara's three children, Harry James O'Hara, Archie O'Hara, and George O'Hara
Jamie O’Hara loves all his three sons equally. Image Source: MetroNews.

All the football(soccer) fans including Jamie and his ex-wife Danielle Lloyd’s prayer worked for the baby Harry as the matter turned into positive and later his health build-up gradually. Harry’s parents were also grateful to the doctors who handled the situation extremely well.

George O’Hara Is The Youngest In The Family

George O’Hara is the youngest son of English footballer Jamie O’Hara who was born in 2013. However, George O’Hara also has a younger half-sibling named Baby O’Neill who was born from Danielle Lloyd together with her current partner Michael O’Neil.

Danielle Lloyd's partner Michael O'Neil
George O’Hara’s mother Danielle Lloyd with her partner Michael O’Neil and unborn kid O’Neill. Image Source: Mirror.

There is not much information regarding George out in the media. It seems as if his details have been kept hidden from the public media.

Name Meaning: Jamie O’Hara’s Children

Archie O’Hara: Archie is an ancient Teutonic name which gives the meaning of “truly brave”.

Harry James O’Hara: Harry is a medieval name, a form of Henry which gives the meaning of “home power or ruler”. Whereas James is a classic boy’s name of Hebrew origin which means “supplanter-one who follows”.

George O’Hara: George is a universal name of Greek origin which gives the meaning “tiller of the soil, or farmer”.

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