Know All About John Legere’s Daughters Christina Legere and Elizabeth Legere

John Legere's daughter Elizabeth Legere Christina Legere and Elizabeth Legere are the two daughters of John Legere and his ex-wife Laura Anita Caimi. Image Source: Twitter/ Christina.

Christina Legere and Elizabeth Legere, both are the daughters of the CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere. John has been married twice and has also been divorced twice. Both John Legere’s daughters are from his second wife, Laura Anita Caimi.

Speaking of John’s youngest daughter Christina, she has her own website where she sells forms of arts like mobile covers, paintings, and many more. Her older sister Elizabeth works at the Art Museum. Both the sisters share a lovely relation with father John, and he is also a really great dad. So, let’s get to know about how much of a good relationship they share with their dad.

Eldest Daughter Elizabeth

Speaking of John Legere’s eldest daughter Elizabeth Legere, she was born in 1985. She works at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She is also the library associate in the Thomas J. Watson Library.

John Legere's daughter Christina Legere
John and Elizabeth attended Christina’s Love Child premiere. Image Source: Getty Images.

Moreover, Elizabeth has also opened her own restaurant Helm Oyster Bar & Bistro, in Portland, in collaboration with her long-time boyfriend, James Rose. Elizabeth and her boyfriend James opened their restaurant at the end of 2019. Their restaurant offers a bright, airy dining room, bar, and seasonal outdoor patio along Portland’s historic waterfront. Elizabeth’s boyfriend works as a general manager, whereas she has the title of the owner.

Younger Daughter Christina

John Legere’s daughter Christina Legere completed her art study at Santa Monica College. She has also studied Advertising & Marketing Communications at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Elizabeth’s younger sister Christina is also a photoshop expert, for which she took classes at the School of Visual Arts and Psychology. She was also an intern at the IPC system and a creative marketing associate at LifeStyle, Inc.

Additionally, John’s daughter Christina was also a part of HBO’s documentary Love Child, where she was the executive director and social media manager. Her dad attended the premiere, and both the father-daughter duo looked great besides one another.

John Legere's Daughters Christina Legere
John attended his daughter’s premiere. Image Source: Pinterest.

Furthermore, Christina also has her own website, where she sells printed accessories. She shares a great relationship with her sibling Elizabeth, and both can be seen spending time with one another enjoying their company.

Both Share A Lovely Relation With Father John

Christina Legere and Elizabeth Legere both share a lovely bond with their dad John. In fact, he lives near his daughters’ house so that he can maintain his relationship with his beloved kids. He also posts a lot of photos with his daughters on his Instagram. The photos he has uploaded show the father-daughter duo going for a walk around New York.

John Legere's daughters Christina Legere
John loves to jog with his daughters. Image Source: John’s Twitter.

Furthermore, John has been seen taking his daughter Christina as his date at a wedding. Both JohnLegere’s daughters are really proud of him and have also posted a tribute to him. In the post, his child, Christina has mentioned that she along with her sister have seen her dad working hard and are proud of him.

John Legere's daughters Christina Legere and Elizabeth Legere
John’s daughters are really proud of their dad. Image Source: John’s Twitter.

John reportedly visited his daughter’s art gallery to support her. We can say that he is a very loving and caring father who treats his daughter like princesses.

Christina Legere and Elizabeth Legere Name Meaning

John Legere’s daughter, Elizabeth Legere’s name, is of Hebrew origin, it means My God is an oath, or My God is abundance. Whereas his younger daughter Christina’s name is of Greek origin, meaning a Christian.

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