Meet Katharine Wilder – Facts About Gene Wilder’s Adopted Daughter With Ex-Wife Mary Joan Schutz

Gene Wilder and his adopted daughter Katharine WilderLate Gene Wilder with his daughter Katharine Wilder

Despite being married four times in his life, the late Gene Wilder never had a child of his own. Though the deceased actor had an adopted daughter named Katharine Wilder. Katharine was the daughter of Gene Wilder’s ex-wife, Mary Joan Schutz from her previous marriage. Katharine Wilder was born on 1951.

Katharine Wilder’s mother Mary Joan was a friend of Gene’s sister with whom he started dating after he separated with his first wife, Mary Mercier. Katharine’s parents Gene Wilder and Mary Joan Schutz got married on the 27th of October 1967.

Facts About Katharine Wilder

A very little is known about the only kid of Gene Wilder. But here are some facts about the daughter of Gene Wilder.

Katharine is Gene Wilder’s Adopted Daughter

After marrying with Mary Joan Schutz, Gene Wilder adopted Mary’s daughter Katharine. When Gene and Mary started dating, Katharine had started calling Gene “Dad.” And in the same year of their marriage, Gene adopted Katharine, i.e., 1967. At that time Katharine was 16 years old. Like mentioned earlier, Gene Wilder has not got any other children, and Katharine is the only child of Late Gene Wilder.

Gene Wilder with his adopted daughter Katharine Wilder
Katharine Wilder is the only daughter of Late Gene Wilder and she is adopted. Photo Source: Getty Images.

Katharine Had Broken All Ties With Her Late Father

When Katharine’s parents Gene Wilder and Mary Joan Schutz got divorced in 1974, she was devasted. She was aged 23 back then and during that time she decided to cut all ties from her father. No confirmations were made that if Gene Wilder’s only daughter Katharine came to her father’s funeral after his death on the 29th of August 2016 or not.

According to Gene Wilder’s family, he passed away while listening to the Ella Fitzgerald‘s version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” Katharine’s father Gene Wilder was aged 83, and he died of an Alzheimer’s disease.

Katharine Wilder Lives a Low Key Life

After cutting all her ties with her father, Katharine decided to live a low-key life. Till date, she is continuing it. Katharine has not got any social media accounts and is living a life far away from the media spotlight. The late “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” actor Gene deeply loved his daughter but still couldn’t come in touch even during his final days.

Gene Wilder with his daughter Katharine Wilder
Katharine Wilder and her late father Gene Wilder. Image Source: Getty Images.

Katharine Wilder- Name Meaning

The name Katharine is a diminutive form of Katherine and has a Greek origin. It is associated with the Greek adjective “katharos” which means “pure.”

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