Meet Kellyn Brady – Photos Of Suzy Kolber’s Daughter With Husband Eric Brady

Suzy Kolber's daughter Kellyn Brady

Suzy Kolber‘s daughter Kellyn Brady was born in 2008. Kellyn is the only child of Suzy together with husband, Eric Brady. Eric and Suzy tied the knot the same year they welcomed their little bundle of joy Kellyn.

Although Suzy is always in the limelight and quite famous, she has kept her personal life under the wraps. Her daughter Kellyn, as well as her husband, Eric is still out of reach of the public eyes.

Suzy Kolber’s Daughter Kellyn Yet To Make Media Debut

It’s already been a decade that Suzy Kolber and her longtime boyfriend turned husband Eric welcomed their daughter Kellyn. But the pair has not revealed a single picture of Kellyn nor have they appeared together publicly. While cameras always follow celebrities, Suzy seems to be very good at keeping them off of her private life.

Suzy Kolber's daughter Kellyn Brady
Kellyn Brady is born to parents Suzy Kolber and Eric Brady. Photo source: Getty Images.

The American sportscaster Suzy is the secretive mother of the whole next level. The gorgeous Suzy is active on social media like Twitter and Instagram but uses them only for professional works. Social media are widely used by almost all celebrities to share titbits of their life, but in Suzy’s case, it’s not her cup of tea.

The life of celebrities isn’t as easy as we perceive. They are always on the public eyes, and their privacy is revealed in front of everyone due to which conflict and misunderstanding may arouse. So Suzy keeps her personal life to herself maybe to avoid negative remarks from the public. She only lets the public see her professional life.

Suzy Kolber's daughter Kellyn Brady
Suzy Kolber is secretive about her personal life. Photo source: Getty Image

Although Kellyn is still behind the curtains, we bet she is as beautiful as her ever gorgeous mother, Suzy. Also, we guess she carries the same enthusiasm and spirit as Suzy. If not now we wish to see her following her mother’s footsteps in the future and be famous as her.

Kellyn Brady Name Meaning

The name Kellyn has German and Celtic origin. It is a name for a girl which means powerful, slender or fair.

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