Meet Jacob David Cash – Photos Of Kevin Cash’s Son

Kevin Cash's Son Jacob David CashJacob David Cash is the youngest son of Kevin and Emily Cash. Image Source: Social Media.

If you are into baseball, you must have heard about the famous MLB team, Tampa Bay Rays, and their talented manager, Kevin Forrest Cash, shortly Kevin Cash. He is a two-time winner of AL Manager of the Year and has demonstrated himself as one of the most proficient managers in the league.

Apart from having an impressive career, the manager is a married man with children. So if you wonder how such famous personality’s kids are growing up, you are in the right place. Today we present some interesting facts about Kevin Cash’s son, Jacob David Cash. Keep Reading!

Is The Youngest One

As already mentioned, the talented manager shares a blissful life with his wife, Emily Cash. The couple walked down the aisle over a decade ago and are still together. Moreover, the pair haven’t disclosed any information, including when they met and how their relationship proceeded.

Kevin Cash's Son Jacob David Cash
The Tampa Bay Rays manager Kevin Cash has been married to Emily Cash for over a decade. Image Source: Social Media.

As the married couple has been together for over a decade, they must have had their share of ups and downs. During the long journey together, they have created a beautiful family of five, including three adorable kids. They are daughters, Camden Cash, Ella Cash, and a son, Jacob Cash. 

Furthermore, Kevin Cash’s son was born as the youngest kid in the family. The Cash siblings must share a close bond with each other. In addition, as the youngest among the Cash bunch, he must have been loved and pampered by his parents and elder siblings.

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His Elder Sister Went Through Heart Surgery At Young Age

Jacob Cash’s parents went through a difficult time when his eldest sister, Camden, was a toddler. His sibling was diagnosed with a ventricular septal defect, a defect where there is a hole in the heart wall.

However, Kevin Cash’s daughter was born strong and did not need immediate heart surgery. But it wasn’t until she was 17 months old that the doctors decided it was finally the time to have a heart operation.

It must have been devastating for Jacob’s parents to see their little one suffering and going through such a hard time. Nonetheless, as per WFLA, Camden is doing fine and living a normal life. But, the doctors have strictly forbidden her from playing tackle football.

Will Kevin Cash’s Son Follow In His Footsteps?

Jacob is still too young for us to discuss his future profession and goal. Additionally, the manager’s son is enjoying his childhood along with his siblings. Moreover, he must be focusing on his education at school.

However, the surroundings and environment a child grows up in will leave a deep impression. As such, Kevin’s son might also develop a love for baseball. We might see him playing in the league as one of the most promising players. For now, let’s wait and see how the little boy will grow up and what he will aspire to become. In addition, whatever the youngest Cash chooses to pursue as his career, his dad and mom will support him wholeheartedly.

Nevertheless, the talented manager, Kevin Cash’s son, is growing up well and is enjoying his childhood to the fullest. We wish Jacob Cash the happiest life ahead.

Name Meaning

Jacob is a popular and classic name that came from the Old Testament, which means Someone who Seizes. On the other hand, David is of Hebrew origin, meaning Beloved One.

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