Meet Kirk Hammett’s Two Children Whom He Had With His Wife Lani Hammett

Kirk Hammett with two sons

Metallica’s lead guitarist, Kirk Lee Hammett‘s two children with his wife, Lani Hammett include his sons Angel Ray Keala Hammett and Vincenzo Kainalu Hammett. Lani is Kirk’s second wife as he was previously married to Rebecca Hammett in 1987.

Kirk did not have any child with his ex-wife. For some reason, the former pair got divorced in 1990. As of now, Kirk is living a happy married life with Lani and his two children. The talented Kirk seems to be very protective and possessive about his family.

Kirk Hammett’s First Son is Angel Ray Keala Hammett

Kirk Hammett’s son Angel Ray Keala Hammett was born on September 29, 2006, to his wife Lani Hammett. Angel has a small brother named Vincenzo Kainalu Hammett. Not many people know but according to Fandom, Kirk’s son. Angel is a musician, songwriter and the lead guitarist of the band “Reckless.”

Angel Ray Keala Hammett
Kirk Hammett and his wife’s son, Angel Ray is the lead guitarist of the band “Reckless”. Image Source: Pinterest.

Looks like Kirk Hammett taught his son all the techniques and tricks of playing guitar. Since Angel is in a band, he probably plays excellent guitar. He might be thinking to continue his father’s legacy. Perhaps, Kirk Hammett’s son is doing hard work to make his father very proud.

Angel Ray does not seem to have any social media accounts. It looks as though the talented boy is pretty sophisticated at building the walls of his career. Let’s hope, we see Angel Ray collaborating with his father in the coming days.

Vincenzo Kainalu Hammett Seems To Be A Child Of Privacy

Vincenzo Kainalu Hammett is Kirk Hammett’s son with Lani Hammett and was born in 2008. As said earlier, he is Kirk’s second son and has an older brother named Angel Ray Keala Hammett. Since Vincenzo is hard to spot by the lenses, he seems to be going undercover from the cameras.

Vincenzo Kainalu Hammett
Kirk Hammett and Lani Hammett seem to be conscious of Vincenzo’s privacy. Image Source: Getty Images.

Just like his brother, he might be learning a lot about music and musical instruments from his father. Or to contrast, the adorable Vincenzo is enjoying his childhood with his family and friend. It is possible to see Vincenzo and Angel Ray in a band doing concerts together.

Kirk Hammett’s Children – Name Meaning

Angel Ray Keala Hammett – Angel came from the Greek word “Angelos” meaning messenger. Ray is an alternative form of the Old French word Rey, Roy and it means “king”. Keala is a Hawaiian name that refers to “the pathway”.

Vincenzo Kainalu Hammett – From the Italian origin, Vincenzo’s meaning is “conquering”. Similarly, the word Kainalu came from the Hawaiian origin and it means “sea wave”.

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