Learn Some Facts About Andre Harrell’s Son Gianni Harrell

Andre Harrell's son, Gianni HarrellGianni Harrell is Andre Harrell's son with his ex-wife, Wendy Credle. Image Source: gianni/Instagram.

Andre Harrell was an American record executive, record producer, songwriter, and rapper. He was also the founder of the record label, Uptown Records. As for his personal life, Andre Harrell’s son, with his ex-wife, Wendy Credle, is Gianni Harrell, and he was born on Dec 7, 1994. He is the only child of the ex-couple.

Gianni’s dad sadly passed away on May 8, 2020, at the age of 59. He has been going through some rough patches at the moment. We hope he heals from the trauma with time. So, without any further ado, let’s get to know more about Andre Harrell’s son, Gianni Harrell.

Gianni Harrell Is Working In The Music Industry

Andre Harrell mostly introduced his son, Gianni, into the world of the music industry. Going through Gianni Harrell’s Instagram photos, he seems to be working as a music producer. He is most probably busy producing dope beats. He probably influenced lots of people through his work and has over 25.6k followers on Instagram.

Gianni Harrell's career
Gianni Harrell must be focusing on thriving in his music career. Image Source: gianni/Instagram.

We can imagine Gianni Harrell’s net worth could comprise earnings from his works. Andre Harrell’s son already has a lavish life since his dad’s net worth is estimated at $50 million. However, he is perhaps willing to make something that is made by himself only. We hope Gianni Harrell achieves great success and bring a revolution in the music industry.

Constantly Meets A Lot Of Celebrities And Music Artists

Since Givanni Harrell’s dad was a famous rapper, songwriter, and record producer, it was usual for Gianni to be meeting popular artists and celebrities such as Robin Thicke, Rita Ora, Drake, and Pharrell Williams.

Gianni Harrell and Rita Ora
Gianni Harrell met the music artist, Rita Ora. Image Source: gianni/Instagram.

He probably gets invitations from stars at the parties too. Gianni most often posts photos of him with them on Instagram.

After Andre Harrell’s death, many celebrities and music artists must have messaged Gianni on social media, consoled him, and offered their sincere condolences to him.

P. Diddy Is Givanni Harrell’s Godfather

The American rapper and record producer, P. Diddy, is the godfather to Gianni Harrell. P. Diddy got his start of career and business from Andre Harrell’s Uptown Records only. They were good friends and had a strong bond of friendship. Both Diddy’s family and Harrell’s family used to have fun together.

But Givanni Harrell’s dad’s death brought grief for P. Diddy. Well, it’s certain that he will take the responsibility of father for Gianni. Diddy will probably do everything he can for his godson.

Dad, Andre Harrell’s Death Hit Him Hard

As mentioned above, Gianni Harrell’s dad, Andre Harrell, passed away at the age of 59 on May 8, 2020. May Andre ‘rest in peace.’ Some of the sources claimed that Gianni’s mom, Wendy Credle, told, Andre had been suffering from heart problems before. Certainly, Gianni had the hardest experience to have known such sad news about his dad, and the news hit him hard.

Gianni Harrell's dad passed away
Andre Harrell’s death was an emotional one for Gianni Harrell. Image Source: gianni/Instagram.

According to CheatSheet, Andre Harrell said that Gianni was his No.1 project. However, as time passes, Gianni might find his own positive spin and could transform his grief into joy. Gianni’s mom is there to console her son and will probably heal from this tragic in the coming days.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all who were close to Andre Harrell, especially with Gianni and his mom.

Gianni Harrell – Name Meaning

The name Gianni is a short form of the Italian name Giovanni, meaning ‘God is gracious.’

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