Meet Lily Cowles – Photos Of Matthew Cowles’ Daughter With Christine Baranski

Christine Baranski' daughter Lily CowlesLily Cowles is the youngest daughter of Matthew Cowles and Christine Baranski. Image Source: Getty Images.

Matthew Cowles‘ daughter Lily Cowles is a well-known actress, born in September 1987. She has an elder sister named Isabel Cowles. Both of her parents are celebrated actors of their era, especially her mom Christine Baranski. Christine is an actress, singer, and also a producer, whereas Matthew was an actor. Unfortunately, Lily’s father passed away on May 22, 2014.

Now getting back to the topic, Lily, she followed her parents’ footsteps and became an actress. Moreover, she is best known for BrainDead, Roswell, New Mexico, and many more. We all are quite familiar with her acting career, but how many of you know about her personal life. So, today let’s see what the actress is like in her real life.

Best Known For Her Show, Roswell

Matthew Cowles’ daughter Lily Cowles first appeared in the movie Enchantments in 2015. It was a romantic movie based on Jane Austen’s novel, Emma. Since then, she has appeared in many movies and TV series. She came to the media’s attention after her role in BrainDead, which aired in 2016.

Furthermore, Lily rose to stardom after portraying the role of Isobel Evans-Bracken in the reboot of Roswell, New Mexico. Cowles played the role of an alien-masquerading-as-human. Isobel, Lily’s character, has paranormal abilities whose specialty seems to be mental manipulation. She has the ability to enter a person’s mind and is able to control/manipulate a thought or memory, allowing her to influence others.

Christine Baransk's daughter Lily Cowles
Lily played the role of an alien disguised as a human in the TV series Roswell. Image Source: Getty Images.

In addition, the main plot of the show is that Isobel, Max, and Michael, are aliens who are awoken by the Roswell crash back in 1997. They start wondering the roads when the Evans couple decided to adopt Isobel and Max, whereas Michael is sent to foster care. The plot follows the three and their journey of keeping their identity a secret.

Grew Up With Sister Isabel

Lily Cowles is the youngest daughter of Matthew and Christine. She was born in the USA and spent most of her time growing up with her sister Isabel. Lily and her younger sister are really close to their mother as they have been seen beside their mother on many occasions. Her mother, Christine, is a 15 times Emmy Award nominee.


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Speaking of Christine Cowles’ eldest daughter Isabel, she is just like her mother, bold and strong. She even attended law school and passed the New York bar exams. Her hard work paid off as it landed her in the Brooklyn district attorney’s office during the run of Christine’s The Good Wife.

Personal Life

Matthew Cowles‘ daughter Lily Cowles is very frank and open when it comes to her personal life. She often uploads pictures regarding her daily activities and even with the people she meets. She likes to hang out with her cast members and friends. Additionally, Lily shares everything regarding her life, but when it comes to her love life, she remains silent. She is neither dating anyone nor is in a relationship with anyone.

Matthew Cowles' daughter Lily Cowles
Lily Cowles is possibly single. Image Source: Getty Images.

However, she once posted a video where she was seen kissing with one of the female casts of her TV series Roswell. But it was later clarified that it was a spoiler for the upcoming episode of the same TV show.

Lily Cowles Name Meaning

Christine Baranski’s daughter Lily Cowles’ name is derived from the flower lily and is of English origin, meaning pure, passion.

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