Meet Lily Pearl Black – Photos of Clint Black’s Daughter With Wife Lisa Hartman Black

Clint Black's daughter, Lily Pearl BlackLily Pearl Black is Clint Black's daughter with his wife, Lisa Hartman Black. Image Source: Getty Images.

American country music singer, actor, and record producer Clint Blank has had a truly legendary career, to say the least. The 58-year-old singer has been producing music for 37 years now, and he has produced numerous hit songs over the years, including 30 singles in the famed Billboard Hot County Singles & Tracks chart. He has, along with his successful music career, successfully been married to Lisa Hartman Black. The couple also has a daughter named Lily Pearl Black.

Lily Pearl Black is the only child of Clint Black and Lisa Hartman, and she was born in 2001 in Los Angeles, California. She is currently 19 years old and is really beautiful. She has the charm of her parents and has that star quality. It wouldn’t be a surprise if she graced the entertainment industry herself pretty soon.

Country Star Clint Black’s Only Daughter Is Lily Pearl

Lily Pearl is the only child of Clint and Lisa. She was born in 2001 but her exact birthday is not known. She was born while the couple lived in their home in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, California. It took the couple ten years to have their first child as they got married way back in 1991.

Lily Pearl Black's family
Adorable Lily Pearl, with her parents in one photograph. Image Source: Getty Images.

Both of Lily’s parents, Clint and Lisa are great country singers who have made quite the name of themselves over the years thanks to their songs. The duo has been married for over two decades, and their love is still strong. The two used to reside in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, California but moved to their new home in Nashville, Tennessee, with their daughter Lily Pearl Black.

Lisa talked to PEOPLE and said that the two always wanted kids, but they initially hadn’t given any thought to it. But eventually, that changed as the couple finally gave birth to their lovely daughter Lily. Lily also has a half-sister named Chelsea Bain, who was born from Clint’s previous marriage.

Lily Groomed As A Singer

Clint Black’s daughter Lily is all grown up now and, at the age of 19, is starting to establish herself as a future star herself. Gorgeous Lily looks to be learning so much from her parents and is following their footsteps to pursue a career in the music industry.

She has the charisma of her parents and attends many awards shows and other events, looking stunning as always. She is looking forward to emulating the success of her parents and also shaping up to be quite the singer herself.


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Lily is looking to be the next big country singer, and her father is helping her out. He took to her to the stage during his concert, and she sang like an angel in San Diego in 2018. The fans were probably not expecting Lily singing on stage. It assures us that she’ll be a big country singer like her parents.

Name Meaning – Lily Pearl Black

The name Lily a female name, meaning ‘pure, passion, and rebirth.’ Similarly, Pearl is a hard roundish object that are produced within the soft tissue of a living, shelled mollusk.

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