Don’t Miss Anything About Lizzy McInnerny’s Daughter Ethel Su Wing

Lizzy McInnerny's daughter Ethel Su WingEthel Su Wing is the daughter of actress Lizzy McInnerny. Image Source: Pinterest.

Elizabeth J. McInnerny, aka Lizzy McInnerny, is a well-celebrated actress who has starred in more than fifty movies. She is best known for her roles in Rowing with the Wind, The Crown, Nearly Famous, and many more. She is a person of privacy and has not openly talked about her personal life. Besides not knowing who she is married to or who she is dating, she does have a daughter named Ethel Su Wing.

Lizzy McInnerny’s daughter Ethel Su Wing remains a mystery for all the fans out there. Fans of Lizzy wants to know more regarding her daughter, but unfortunately, not much is out there regarding Lizzy’s daughter. Not even her father’s name is revealed to the public. We all know how much of a private person is Lizzy; she never talks regarding her family or of her personal longing.

Mother Of One, Lizzy

As mentioned above, Lizzy is the mother of a daughter named Ethel Su Wing. But besides her name, Lizzy has not disclosed any information regarding her daughter. We can only speculate that  Ethel is as gorgeous and lovely as her mother is.

Lizzy McInnerny's daughter Ethel Su Wing
Ethel’s mother, Lizzy McInnerny, is a person of privacy. Image Source: IMDb.

Furthermore, we can assume that Lizzy McInnerny‘s daughter Ethel Su Wing is either preparing for her future debut or maybe unlike her mother, she has chosen a different path in life. Maybe she is one of those people who want to create their own way in life and not follow their parents’ footsteps. Anything is possible, and until Lizzy truly reveals information regarding her daughter, it’s a mystery for us. So, let’s hope for the best and wish Lizzy McInnerny’s daughter the best of luck for her future.

Who’s The Father?

As we have discussed earlier, Lizzy has neither revealed any information regarding her daughter nor regarding her relationship status. So, it’s rather a mystery for us to find out who Ethel’s father is. But some site suggests that Ethel’s father is John Su Wing, who Lizzy dated during the mid-’80s.

Lizzy McInnerny's daughter Ethel Su Wing
Lizzy McInnerny was rumored to be dating John Su Wing. Image Source: Pinterest.

Moreover, we, as fans, can just assume that Ethel shares a lovely bond with her father as well. Maybe the family of three loves spending time with one another, and maybe they often go on a trip together. Plus, they might also adore one another’s company, but unfortunately, it remains a mystery. Alas, if only we could know more about Lizzy McInnerny’s daughter Ethel Su Wing.

Ethel Su Wing Name Meaning

Ethel Su Wing’s first name is of English origin meaning From Aethelind. Whereas her second name Su is of Chinese origin, meaning plain, simple.

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