Meet Calla Louise Mapel – Is Mare Winningham’s Daughter Into Acting?

Mare Winningham's Daughter, Calla Louise MapelCalla Louise Mapel is the only daughter of Mare Winningham and her ex-husband, William Mapel. Image Source: Social Media.

Mary Megan Winningham, shortly Mare Winningham has made her mark in Hollywood as an actress and singer-songwriter. The Arizona native is best known for portraying the role of Wendy Beamish in the 1985 movie St. Elmo’s Fire. The Primetime Emmy Awards winner has also been nominated for an Academy Award, two Golden Globe Awards, and Two Tony Awards.

Besides her glorious career, the actress is actually a married woman, who has been married four times and divorced thrice. The singer-songwriter is a mother of five, whom she shares with her ex-husband William MapelDid you know her eldest kid has already passed away? So where are the other children of the renowned star? Thus, Let’s get to know Mare Winningham’s daughter, Calla Louise Mapel.

Is The Only Daughter

Mare and William tied the knot in 1982 and were together for fourteen years, i.e., until 1996. The couple welcomed five children together. They are Riley Mapel, Calla Louise Mapel, Patrick Mapel, Happy Atticus Mapel, and Jack Mapel. Born in 1987, Calla Louise is the third child of her parents and the only daughter.

Before Calla, her father and mother gave birth to her elder brothers, Riley, Patrick, and Jack, on 7 November 1981, 1983,  and 1985, respectively. Her younger sibling, Happy Atticus, joined them in 1988. The Mapel bunch doesn’t have much age gap. As a result, they must have grown up as playmates and must share a close-knit bond.

As already mentioned, Calla Louise’s mother has been married multiple times. She was briefly married to an actor A Martinez from 1981 to 1982. Afterward, she exchanged the wedding vow for the third time with the musician Jason Trucco in 2008 and divorced him in 2012. Currently, the talented actress shares a blissful marital life with her ER co-star Anthony Edwards with whom she eloped in 2021. Anyways, the mother of five doesn’t have any other children with her other partners.

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Lives Away From The Public Eye

While their mother thrives in the spotlight, the Mapel siblings prefer to fly under the radar. Regardless, they must be enjoying a wonderful life. Mare Winningham’s daughter has kept her Instagram private and has not made much of a public appearance. Therefore, she must be avoiding unnecessary attention from the media.

Mare Winningham's Daughter, Calla Louise Mapel
Mare Winningham’s Daughter, Calla Louise Mapel, lives away from media scrutiny. Image Source: Social Media.

Considering the age of the talented actress’ baby girl, she must have already married and started a family of her own. She is seen with a guy on her Instagram profile picture. But, it is not sure if he is Calla Louise’s husband. Also, who knows the adorable daughter might have inherited some acting skills from her mother. So let’s hope the lovely lady comes at ease and opens up a bit more about her personal and professional life in the near future.

Her Brother Died Due To Suicide

Sadly, Calla’s eldest brother, Riley, died on 14 August 2005. As reported by various sites, Mare Winningham’s son was studying at LACC’s Acting Academy and died of suicide. It must have been devastating for the Mapel family to lose their precious member. The eldest Mapel rests in the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hill, Los Angeles.

Altogether, Mare Winningham’s daughter is a private person. Let’s hope the actress’ only daughter is enjoying her life away from the spotlight. Finally, we wish Calla Louise Mapel a prosperous life ahead.

Name Meaning: Calla Louise

The Greek name Calla means Beauty. Similarly, Louise is a feminine form of Louis which means Renowned or Famed warrior.

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