Meet Mathilda Plum Doucette – Photos Of Paul Doucette’s Daughter With Ex-Wife Moon Zappa

Mathilda Plum Doucette's parents

American musician Paul Doucette‘s daughter, Mathilda Plum Doucette, was born on December 21st, 2004. Paul’s daughter Mathilda Plum was born to his ex-wife Moon Zappa, with whom he was married from 2004 until the couple’s divorce in 2014.

The late American singer and musician Frank Zappa is Mathilda Plum’s grandfather from her mother’s side. She also has an aunt named Diva Zappa. The star granddaughter recently appeared in a 2014 documentary about her grandfather, named “Summer ’82: When Zappa Came to Sicily”.

Paul Doucette’s Daughter Sings Her Grandfather Frank Zappa’s “Wowie Zowie”

On the occasion of Frank Zappa’s 71st birthday on December 21, 2011, a compilation album featuring Zappa’s songs were released. However, the record collection also had bonus materials, including cover songs from various other artists.

Similarly, a cover song titled “Wowie Zowie” is included in the anniversary album from the original 1966 song, featuring a new vocal by Zappa’s granddaughter Mathilda. It may be just a coincidence because 21st December also happens to be little Mathilda’s birthday. The gifted granddaughter also feels fortunate to sing her grandfather’s song at such a young age.

Mathilda's mother Moon Zappa and grandfather Frank Zappa. Image Source:
Mathilda’s mother Moon Zappa and her grandfather Frank Zappa. Image Source: Discogs.

Mathilda’s parents might think about supporting their daughter in her music career. With such an amazing voice, the star daughter Mathilda is sure to become famous and rich in her singing career.

Mathilda Plum Doucette’s Father Paul Doucette Is Her Music Inspiration

Paul Doucette’s daughter is just like him when it comes to rocking his way with the microphone. Moreover, Paul is a member of the American rock band Matchbox Twenty, which has released over 20 music videos and video albums combined. Paul’s official Instagram boasts pictures of his music productions. Mathilda’s father Paul is also a film composer.

Moon Zappa, Mathilda Plum Doucette
Mathilda Plum Doucette at an event with her mother Moon Zappa. Image Source: Pinterest

Similarly, we believe that Mathilda’s parents are making sure their daughter grows up in comfort and luxury. After all, she is one of Frank Zappa’s grandchildren. Moon Zappa likely has custody of her daughter against ex-husband Paul Doucette, as Mathilda often appears in public with her mother. The celebrity daughter attends award shows and other showbiz events with her mother.

Mathilda Plum Doucette, Moon Zappa
2-year-old Mathilda with her mother Moon Zappa. Image Source: Pinterest.

However, Paul Doucette also loves his only daughter Mathilda very much. In some way, it might be said that Moon’s ex-husband still has feelings of love for her. When there’s a concert or music event around town, we’re sure Paul is happy to take his daughter and ex-wife out to have fun.

Mathilda Plum Doucette: Name Meaning

“Matilda” derives from the Old German word, Mahthildis, which is a combination of “maht” and “hild.” Maht means “might, power,” whereas “hild” means “battle.” As for her middle name, Plum is a name that means “plum tree.”

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